Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The night before, I realised that my mother was running low on her bread supply. As such, last night Da bought a loaf of bread and brought it to my mother's home. When my brother (LG) and his girlfriend (ZT) came back, guess what? They had also bought a loaf of bread!

Talk about "bread overload"!

No prizes, then, for guessing the menu for tonight's dinner. Yes, my mother's famous toasties!

When Da and I arrived at my mother's home, the two lady chefs were busy in the kitchen.

My mother has a Philips sandwich maker. It is very convenient and easy to use.

All you need are:-
(a) sandwich bread;
(b) butter / margarine; and
(c) ham / cheese / tuna or any other ingredient of your choice.

A little trick of the trade that we learned from the sales staff at the store where we bought the sandwich maker is that you should butter the side of the bread that is facing the hotplates. The "inner side" of the bread can be left unbuttered, otherwise the bread will be soggy.

My mother likes to use chilli tuna as the filling.

As I do not eat chilli (erm... except for the famous Muar otah, which I eat accompanied by copious amounts of water!), my toasted sandwich comprises ham and cheese.

Do have your ingredients within easy reach so that you can prepare the toasted sandwiches easily.

The two efficient lady chefs had several sandwiches toasted in a short time.

Polar Puffs & Cakes were having a promotion for their chicken pie and curry puffs today. As such, I bought four of each from their Raffles Place outlet when my meeting (outside office) ended this evening.

Question - what goes well with toasties and savoury pastries? Answer - coffee or Milo.

Bon appetit!


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