Friday, August 28, 2009

sandwich galore

Recently, my friend (GP) asked me about the sandwich maker that I mentioned in one of my earlier posts. Hi GP, my mother's sandwich maker (I have the same sandwich maker at home) is a Philips sandwich maker. It is very useful and it makes lovely toasted sandwiches.

ZT (girlfriend of my brother, LG) was working the day shift today. As such, she finished work at 7 pm and by the time I arrived at my mother's home after work today, the two lady chefs were already busy in the kitchen. Da had a company function cum dinner to attend and as such, he would not be joining us for dinner today.

We were having toasted sandwiches for dinner today. My mother had bought several cans of luncheon meat from Giant Supermarket at Parkway Parade recently. As such, the menu for tonight was toasted luncheon meat and cheese sandwiches. Yummy!

Boy-Boy watched my mother intently as she busied herself in the kitchen. As he kept straining his neck trying to look up, ZT took pity on him and carried him up for a closer look. From this angle where I took the photograph, Boy-Boy looked like he was "begging" my mother for some sandwiches! *grin*

Boy-Boy was in a good mood today. He knew that whenever we eat toasted sandwiches, he would be given a treat of the crunchy ends of the bread. As such, he willingly posed and grinned for the camera.

Ta-da! Toasted luncheon meat and cheese sandwiches. The cheese melts in your mouth as you bite into the sandwiches.

As promised, Boy-Boy had his treat.

Here is a close-up look of the sandwiches. Hi GP, if you have not bought a sandwich maker yet, do buy it soon.

Satisfied with his treat, Boy-Boy demonstrated how he slides down from the arm of the leather armchair into the seat of the chair. He has perfected the skill and he does it so gracefully.

It is a friday today! Enjoy your weekend and have a blessed week ahead.



Anonymous said...

ehhhh what sort of cheese- kraft singles? how long do you toast it for?


Pebbles - the Lord's Beloved said...

Hi GP,

Kraft singles or any other brand of square sliced cheese will do.

The Philips sandwich maker comes with a light that will change colour when the sandwich is done.

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