Tuesday, August 18, 2009

fast food

What do you think of when you hear the words "fast food"?

In the case of the chefs at my mother's home, it refers to the speed and efficiency at which they prepare the food and have meals piping hot on the dining table for consumption. They have developed a system (for want of a better word) wherein each has a specific duty and they coordinate with each other so well that in the time taken by one to have a shower, the food goes from freezer to table. Yummy!

Da and I met up after work today and I called my mother to ask her what she wanted us to buy for her dinner from the Kallang Airport hawker centre. She replied that she will fry rice for dinner.

Fried rice is one of my mother's specialities. The secret to a delicious plate of fried rice is twofold - good quality black sauce and chopped chai por (preserved radish).

When Da and I arrived at my mother's home, dinner preparations were underway.

Finger food were baking nicely in the oven. ZT specialises in baking finger food to perfection.

The ingredients for the fried rice had been prepared and were waiting to be fried.

The Grand Lady Chef heated up the non-stick pan. Shortly thereafter, the lovely aroma of fried rice filled the kitchen.

Boy-Boy was excited when he heard the sound of a car engine. His daddy, my brother (LG) had arrived home. He had bought a carton of coca-cola and he concocted some bourbon coke.

Boy-Boy looked at ZT in anticipation. What was ZT doing?

Ah, the dear girl was busy dividing the food amongst 5 plates.

Ta-da! Dinner is served.

My mother does not like to eat sausages. As such, ZT had baked a piece of hash brown for my mother.

The rest of us had a piece of sausage each on our plates.

If bourbon coke is not to your fancy, how about some Tiger beer?

ZT had bathed Boy-Boy this evening. As such, he smelt so lovely and his coat of fur was so silky.

How's this for fast food? It is more healthy and more balanced that some other types of fast food that I have eaten.


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