Friday, August 21, 2009

bread, bread, bread!

There comes a point in one's life where one realises that at the end of the day, a lot of things really do not matter. What really matters are one's family and loved ones.

We face a lot of stress in our daily lives - in our work place, fretting over our children, wondering how to make ends meet, praying for health for those around us, etc. In the midst of all our trials and tribulations, let us remember that the Lord is the constant one in our lives who will never change. When we hit a wall, do not simply think, "What would Jesus do in a situation like this?". Instead, turn to Jesus, look to Him and trust that He will guide you in what to do and what to say. Is this easier said than done? It is. However, we are all on a steep learning curve and if we never start, we will never get there.

Gosh... why am I in such a reflective mood on a friday night? Every now and then, I look at what is happening around me and I am so thankful for what I have in my life. The Lord is so good to me and He always restores double (and more!) to me for what the devil has taken away from me. Thank You, Jesus for showing me favour and grace.

And now, on a more mundane note, Da and I had a simple breakfast this morning. We baked some vienna sausages in the oven and ate the sausages with a sweet loaf that I had baked. I do need to get round to baking sausage buns. Eating sausages sandwiched between slices of bread is simply not as enjoyable as eating sausages in sausage buns.

After breakfast, Da and I drove to my mother's home and parked our car by the side of the house. As we alighted from the car, I happened to look into my mother's garden and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the starfruit tree is bearing fruit again. There are also lovely purplish pink flowers on the tree.

One thing that I realise about fridays is that everything seems to happen at one go. It is as though people realise that the weekend is coming and hence, they rush to settle matters so that it is not dragged over the weekend. As such, fridays tend to be busy days for me at work and I had a late lunch at about 2.30 pm today. In case you are wondering, I ate a sandwich for lunch as well. Goodness me... bread for breakfast and now bread for lunch.

After work, Da and I met up and we took a bus to my mother's home. As always, Boy-Boy was very happy to see us. I only found out for the first time last night (from my mother) that Boy-Boy behaves differently in front of each of us. For example, he is especially playful in the presence of Da and me because he knows that he can get us to play with him. I must have a burst of second childhood because I often find myself playing "running around the mulberry bush (or, in this case, the sofa!)" with Boy-Boy.

My mother busied herself preparing dinner. Oh my goodness! Bread again!

Each of us had a tuna sandwich with wholemeal bread. Da and my mother ate the chilli tuna whereas I ate the tuna with mayonnaise.

My mother also fried an egg each for Da's and my sandwiches.

As there were leftovers from the ABC soup that my mother cooked last night, each of us had a bowl of ABC soup as well.

My mother's kitchen will be closed tomorrow as she will be at work. Not to worry - Da and I have a birthday party to attend tomorrow. It is a barbeque party to celebrate the birthday of Da's niece, MAT. Happy birthday, girl! We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


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