Saturday, August 15, 2009

simple saturday

Da and I did not do much today. I was "home alone" this morning as he had to work. As such, I had a simple breakfast comprising a mug of coffee and a slice of ban jian jueh (which I bought from a stall at Amoy hawker centre a few days ago).

While waiting for Da to return home, my baking mood hit me again. Today, however, I kept my baking to a minimum.

We have a packet each of almond flakes and ground almond in our larder. I used half of each packet to bake a loaf of almond bread.

The remaining ground almond and almond flakes were used to bake a light almond cake.

A few days ago, my mother had fried rice vermicelli for dinner. As she had cooked a large quantity, we brought home some leftover fried rice vermicelli.

Our microwave oven came in handy this afternoon. I first microwaved a piece of frozen Muar otah . Thereafter, I microwaved the leftover fried rice vermicelli. It was a simple lunch but enjoyable nonetheless.

In the later part of the afternoon, we decided to do some window shopping at Parkway Parade. Before we left the house, I packed some homemade goodies for the three handsome boys who live opposite Da and I in our apartment block.

I was tickled when little Hng Hng seemed to be thoroughly inspecting the slices of almond bread that I passed to him. He may have been wondering what were the "small pieces of stuff" that he saw embedded in the bread. Erm... in case you are wondering, what Hng Hng saw were the almond flakes.

Parkway Parade was crowded, as always. As such, we browsed a few shops before deciding to take a break at the basement level food court. We ordered a mug of teh tarik, one curry puff, one "ham cheem pang" (salty version) and one "butterfly" - the "ham cheem pang" and "butterfly" are essentially made from dough mixed with flour and deep fried. The "butterfly" is so called because it is shaped like butterfly wings.

On our way back home, Da contacted FIL and MIL and we made arrangements to pick them up at their apartment at 8.30 pm for dinner.

Today is the first day of the 2009/2010 English Premier League season and Da could not resist watching a bit of the opening match before we went to meet FIL and MIL. Da and I are so relieved that the season has started again. There was "hardly anything to watch on television" for the past few months when the 2008/2009 season ended.

Dinner was held at the Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant located at Eastwood Centre. As usual, FIL and MIL engaged in their teasing bantering (of each other, that is).

MIL had bought some groceries at the Cold Storage Supermarket located at Eastwood Centre and she wanted to give us half the packet of the pre-packed caesar salad. As such, the four of us proceeded to FIL's and MIL's home after dinner.

MIL sliced some papaya for dessert. When eaten cold, the sweet papaya was very refreshing.

FIL, MIL and Da also ate some duku langsat. Ordinarily, I would love to eat this fruit. However, I was extremely full after dinner today and hence, I regretfully declined.

Shortly after 11 pm, I happened to check the text messages in my mobile phone and I realised that at 9+ pm today, my brother (LG) sent me a text message to inform me that Boy-Boy had been sitting at the sliding door of my mother's home for some time, waiting for Da and I to turn up at my mother's home. Oh my! Nowadays, Da and I eat our dinner at my mother's home on weeknights and Boy-Boy must have mixed up weekdays with weekends. Eeks... hey LG, please give Boy-Boy an extra big hug and kiss from us and let him know that we will be going over to mom's place for dinner tomorrow.


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