Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tale of two godmothers

This day involved four godmothers but only two of the godmothers were the "VIP"s. SC and I are both godmothers. However, the food / snacks that you see in this post are dedicated to two other godmothers:-
(a) SC's godmother; and
(b) my godmother-in-christ ("GIC").

SC and I have known each other since 1985. When we were in school, I remember going to her home frequently for home-cooked meals by GIC (who is SC's mother). Even though I do not visit GIC as often as before, each visit to her home equates to food, food and more food.

SC's godmother had given her an electric roaster and she wanted to bring it to our home to "play with it".

As Da had to work this morning, SC came to fetch me for breakfast at 8 am. Before I left the house, I placed some ingredients (for a sweet loaf) in my breadmaker machine and I set the machine to "dough" cycle. I intended to use the machine to make the dough but complete the process by baking the loaf in my oven. I find that bread made this way seems to be softer than bread made in the breadmaker machine from start to finish.

As SC and I wanted to do some grocery shopping, SC parked her car at the multi-storey car park at Marine Parade Central and we proceeded to Hans Cafe & Cake House for breakfast.

After breakfast, SC and I did some grocery shopping and ran some errands for GIC. I also bought an automated vacuum cleaner (which is in the shape of a spaceship) from Best Denki at Parkway Parade shopping centre.

Gosh! Look at the time! It was past 11 am. SC and I hurried back and SC started using her roaster.

SC's godmother had marinated piece of chicken, thick slices of salmon and some pork ribs for SC. We used the roaster to bake the marinated food.

Before we started baking the marinated food, SC took out her wallet and showed me a post-it that was placed in the wallet. On the post-it were written instructions from SC's godmother on how to bake the food. Essentially, we had to bake the food at 230 degrees celsius for 10 minutes (skin side up) before turning the food over and baking it for a further 15 minutes... er... or until the food is cooked (sorry, GP! This is another case of "play by ear"!).

Naturally, as we baked the food, SC and I had to do "quality control" by taste-testing what we had baked! *grin*

The use of the roaster was a success!

I did not place the entire dough of the sweet loaf into the loaf pan. As it was a large dough, I only placed 2/3 of the dough in the loaf pan.

I used the balance 1/3 of the dough to make nutella bread rolls.

Ta-da! Sweet loaf... fresh from the oven. This loaf was intended to be given to SC's godmother.

My favourite item of the day comprised white mushrooms filled with grated mozarella cheese and baked at 230 degrees for 7 1/2 minutes.

Now that my under-the-stove oven has been serviced, I took the opportunity to bake a lemon and rosemary roast chicken. This is the first time that I have baked a roast chicken and I am happy that it turned out fine.

When Da came back, he and SC sorted out the items in a hamper that I had been given during Chinese New Year this year.

Time to carve the roast chicken! Any volunteers?

Hmm... would you like to have some deboned roast chicken?

Due to the weight of the roast chicken and the fact that SC and I bought russet potatoes (instead of firmer potatoes), some of the large chunks of potato ended up being mashed up after the baking process.

To give a balance to the large quantities of meat, I tossed potatoes, tomatoes, corn, green capsicum, yellow capsicum, peas and assorted fresh mushrooms with olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice, freshly ground sea salt, freshly ground mixed peppercorn and red cooking wine before SC baked the vegetables in her roaster.

My electric mixer was taken out and put to use today.

The rainbow pound cake that you see below was mixed by SC. Instead of mixing the pandan batter and the coffee batter using the marbling effect, SC alternated the batter in the loaf pan layer by layer.

In the meantime, a second loaf of bread was baked. This loaf was for GIC and it contained pork floss with sesame seed and seaweed.

Enough of playing with the cake batter! What you see below are pandan pound cake and coffee pound cake.

In the evening, SC, Da and I brought GIC to Eastpoint Mall for dinner. As always, GIC had words of wisdom and she shared with us that when we encounter mountains, we must always turn to Jesus. We do not know how to solve the problem and only He does. What we need to do is to cast our cares on Him and we can be sure that He will find the way for us.

When Da and I arrived home, I sliced the third loaf of bread that was baked today. This loaf (which was intended for ourselves) was also a sweet loaf.



JT said...

Hahaha, lucky my sis had u to help her! WC was worried n even called me to call u both on the day of your 'test' from Washington D.C.! He was afraid that she'd burn down your hse!! Looks yummy esp the grn n brown colored cake. is that from a mix or fr scratch? May I have the recipe? Thanks Pebbles:p

Pebbles - the Lord's Beloved said...

Hi JT,

The cakes were made from scratch.

Actually, I prepared two types of batter - pandan and coffee.

SC and I ended up baking three cakes - pandan pound cake, coffee pound cake and the mixed version.

By the way, the mixed version was done by SC. Next time, she will no longer have excuse to say that she does not know how to bake a cake.... :)

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