Thursday, August 27, 2009

soupy soup

Da had to work late today. As my schedule was not as tight today, I decided to leave the office earlier. I contacted my mother and asked her whether she would like to accompany me to Giant Supermarket at Parkway Parade for grocery shopping. She agreed.

When I arrived at my mother's home, Boy-Boy was waiting patiently for his dinner. A lovely aroma of boiling soup was also waffling from the kitchen.

My mother had cooked ABC soup again. Yummy! Not only is it delicious, it is also healthy.

One bowl of hot ABC soup for my mother and one bowl for me. We enjoyed our soup while watching a Korean drama on television. I cannot remember the name of the show but the name of the lead male character is "Baihu". It is quite a cute show, actually.

Boy-Boy's dinner comprised steamed white rice with meat and mixed greens. He is a little allergic to chicken and as such, my family will cook beef or pork for him.

Just as my mother and I were getting ready to leave for Parkway Parade, ZT (girlfriend of my brother, LG) came back from work. She contacted LG and was informed that he was on his way back. As the two of them had not eaten dinner yet, my mother and I decided to wait for LG so that we could "get a free ride" to Parkway Parade.

Upon arrival at Parkway Parade, LG and ZT went to Burger King for their dinner while my mother and I proceeded to Giant Supermarket for grocery shopping. Da met us at Giant Supermarket after his work.

By the time we returned to my mother's home, it was a little late. As such, Da had a light dinner of ABC soup as well.

My brother (LB) and his wife (MF) will be going to Bangkok, Thailand for a little getaway over the next few days. Have a safe trip! Enjoy yourselves and buy more munchies for us. *grin*


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