Monday, March 29, 2010

Sandwich galore

I seem to be doing things overboard these days.

Just when I decided that I should eat more healthy food and perhaps eat sandwiches more frequently for lunch, I ended up eating sandwiches for lunch and dinner today!

For lunch, my colleague and I went to Simply Sandwich located near our office. We ordered a sandwich each, a bowl of mushroom soup each and we shared a large salad. Both of us could only finish one of the two triangles of our respective sandwiches and as such, we had to request the staff to "doggie bag" the remaining triangle.

This evening, MIL came to visit and she brought some sandwiches for Da's and my dinner. The sandwiches were bought at Tanglin Mall located near MIL's workplace.

One of the sandwiches was a turkey sandwich.

The other sandwich was a ham sandwich.

For variety, Da and I shared half a sandwich each.

What shall I eat for lunch at work tomorrow? Hmm... not sandwiches, I hope!



Sunday, March 28, 2010

12 years and still going strong

Last night, we stayed over at the home of the Three Musketeers. The overnight stay was a fruitful one for Da because Manchester United won their English Premier League match with a comfortable win.

This morning, many of us woke up early, ready to start the day.

Breakfast was at a 24-hour Indian Muslim coffeeshop located near the home of the Three Musketeers.

Breakfast comprised thosai and roti prata.

Yum, yum, yum!

Princess will be baptised on Easter Sunday. While Da attended the preparatory session at the Church of our Lady of Perpetual Succor, I accompanied Princess to her enrichment class at Suntec City. After the enrichment class, Princess ate her Nestle oats with prune while I enjoyed a hot mug of coffee and a popiah at Qi Ji.

MIL joined us for dinner at Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant (located at Eastwood Centre) today. FIL was feeling tired and he did not join us for dinner.

MIL ordered sliced fish bee hoon soup.

Da ordered salted fish fried rice.

I ordered san lau hor fun.

We shared a plate of stir-fried spinach.

Da and I had our registry marriage on 28 March 1998. 12 years and still going strong!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Visit to the home of the Three Musketeers

As Da had to work this morning, Princess and I enjoyed a quiet morning today.

I decided to eat a simple breakfast of coffee and a bread bun.

In the late morning, a beautiful floral delivery arrived. Princess will be 9 months of age tomorrow. Also, tomorrow is the 12th anniversary of Da's and my registry wedding. Double celebration!

I baked a bacon loaf today.

In the early afternoon, MIL came to our home for lunch.

MIL was in a curry mood and she ate steamed white rice with curry.

I ate a ham sandwich.

Our car was sent for regular servicing today. By the time Da came home, it was around 3 pm. His lunch comprised steamed white rice with vegetables and chicken curry.

I also baked a cheesy bacon ring. We shared some of the freshly baked bread and we gave the rest to MIL to bring home for FIL to sample.

We had a dinner appointment at the home of the Three Musketeers today. I baked an otah pie and we brought it to their home.

ET was supposed to cook dinner today. However, as he had sent his vehicle for servicing and he was running late, he bought chicken rice and yong tauhu for dinner instead.

Nining was excited when she saw the snacks that we had brought.

It was a simple dinner but every enjoyable.

Princess gets along well with Supercute, Tau Suan and Nining.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I hate to admit this but perhaps I do need to take some time after all to read the manual that came with the Sony Cyber-shot digital camera that WC and SC gave me for my birthday last year.

As you can see from the photographs below, the photographs that I have taken using this digital camera seem under exposed or over exposed. In fact, nowadays I try to take at least two photographs of each item in case the image of one of the photographs is not clear (which usually ends up being the case). I do not seem to have this problem with my Panasonic Lumix and given the fact that my Sony Cyber-shot is a newer camera, the fault lies with the camerawoman and not the camera.

Below are some photographs taken using my Sony Cyber-shot digital camera today.

The first photograph is that of my breakfast. The photograph seems under exposed.

This is stir-fried salmon that Da ordered from Han's Cafe and Cake House for lunch today. The photograph seems a little "yellow".

This is my sliced fish hor fun. It does not look as appetising as the actual dish.

Dessert for Da and me was a slice of apple pie that we shared. Why does the photograph look so "yellow"?

This is my mother's dinner. The image of the photograph does not seem very sharp.

This is my dinner. I had to take quite a number of photographs of my dinner because all the photographs seemed overexposed.

Da ate steamed big pau and some finger food for his dinner.
Justify Full
This is a chocolate cake that ZT (girlfriend of my brother, LG) bought from Bengawan Solo Cake Shop and brought to our home this afternoon. The actual cake is darker brown than this. This photograph was taken using the flash.

Here is the same cake, minus the flash. Now the cake looks underexposed.

I need help, WC and SC, with Sony Cyber-shot digital camera. Help, help!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tiring sunday

Da had to work today. As such, we decided to attend the 9 am church service.

Everyone overslept and by the time we reached church, it was too late to register Princess for the 9 am sunday class in church, or rather, it would have been kind of embarrassing if Princess were to stroll into class "fashionably late". As such, Princess attended the church service with us. She was a little restless this morning (she probably wondered why she was not enjoying sunday class with her friends) and I decided to carry her and stand near the back (to avoid disturbing the other churchgoers). During the time that I carried Princess, she kept clasping her hands together (as though in prayer) and smiling sweetly at the ushers in church. Although my back was to the ushers, I could hear them talking among themselves and commenting about how sweet a smile Princess had.

After church, we went to Qi Ji at Suntec Tower Two for our brunch.

Da ordered the nasi lemak set 1.

I ordered the nasi lemak set 3. We decided to share the ingredients that were not common to both sets.

We also ordered a mug of hot coffee and a mug of hot tea.

After brunch, Da went to work while Princess and I did some window shopping and thereafter, we proceeded to her enrichment class. The letter for today's class was "k".

After the enrichment class, Princess and I met up with Da's niece (SCT) at Qi Ji (again!) as Princess needed to eat her mid-afternoon meal. Thereafter, SCT gave us a lift to FIL's and MIL's home.

For the first time, Princess managed to take an afternoon nap in FIL's and MIL's bedroom. I had earlier today bought a small pillow and a small bolster for Princess to use at FIL's and MIL's home. She was comfortable with the surroundings and managed to nap for about two hours.

Da joined us at his parents' home after his work.

We had initially wanted to go out for dinner. However, as Princess was still napping, MIL and Da went to buy dinner back instead.

There is a cafeteria located at the development where FIL and MIL live. As such, meals are very convenient for them.

Ta-da! Dinner was served for four persons.

MIL had ordered a packet of fried rice to be shared by all of us.

She also ordered a packet of fried rice vermicelli to be shared.

And a plate of stir-fried vegetables to be shared. (Yes, my brother (LG) recently informed me that it is "old school" thinking to say that a sentence cannot start with "And", "Because", etc...)

MIL had bought a new wash basin for Princess. You cannot see it clearly in the photograph below but on the inside of the wash basin are cartoon pictures of cute monkeys.

MIL is camera-shy and made a quick dash to "safety zone" when she spied my digital camera facing her direction.

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