Sunday, August 2, 2009

Babysitting Boy-Boy

Yesterday, my mother contacted me as I was on my way to my friend's wedding and informed me that she, my brother (LG) and LG's girlfriend (ZT) were on their way to Muar, Malaysia. My mother's cousin was back from Saudi Arabia (where she has been working as a nurse for as long as I can remember) for a visit and there was large gathering planned in Muar. As such, the role of babysitter for Boy-Boy fell on Da and me.

When Da and I arrived at my mother's home, it was past midnight. We were treated to yet another Academy-award winning performance by Boy-Boy entitled, "I am home-alone again!" before he settled down.

Boy-Boy is an "indoor dog". He sleeps indoors and in fact, he sleeps on the bed with LG (in air-conditioning comfort) and he often fights with LG for the blanket!

When I woke up this morning, I could not find Boy-Boy in the room. Acting on a hunch, I lifted the comforter and there was Boy-Boy!

As Da and I were getting ready to go out for lunch, Da's mobile phone rang. It was MIL, asking if we were available to meet for lunch. We agreed and I packed some homemade goodies (all made by me yesterday) for FIL and MIL.

I packed some fried anchovies and peanuts crackers.

And some banana butter cake....

And some banana nut cookies....

And last but not least, some jemput-jemput (that is, banana fritters).

The venue of the lunch was a shop at East Coast Road that specialises in Hakka yong tau hu. Initially, I was concerned that the filling of the ingredients would be pork (I am not fond of pork other than barbequed pork) but FIL assured me that the filling is made using fish.

Each piece of yong tau hu costs S$0.60 unless you order special items (such as the deep fried you tiao) which would cost more per item.

FIL, Da and I ordered a bowl of steamed white rice each while MIL ordered a plate of thick noodles served with a thick gravy comprising minced pork.

For dessert, we ordered steaming hot mugs of white coffee and enjoyed the coffee with steamed tapioca.

MIL's mobile phone rang. The caller was TYK, husband of Da's sister, GN. The family was in the vicinity and they joined us at the shop after their lunch. TYK wanted to "show off" his new car.

It is a Mazda RX8. I call it a "selfish car" because the back seat can only seat two passengers due to a divider placed right across the back seat.

After lunch, Da and I parted ways with the others and we made our way to church. As always, the Lord provided us with a car park lot easily even though the car park was full.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for. As a believer, we are prisoners of hope. We are no longer under law but are under grace. We are the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ. When we believe right, we will live right. The devil builds strongholds in our mind. Do not put your eyes on your obedience or the lack of it. Instead, bring ever thought into the obedience of Christ. It was His obedience that made us righteous and put us in a position to be able to receive. For those who call upon the name of Jesus, they are eternally saved. Jesus made it easy for us but it was not easy for Him. Because of the precious blood of Jesus, God will set us free.

What struck a chord in me was when the Pastor said that when God shuts a door, it is because He has a bigger and better door to be opened for us. Let us trust God for He watches over us and He plans for us. We can never lose this righteousness because it is all written on the stripes on the back of Jesus. It was His wounds that gave us the prison exchange from sin to righteousness.

After an awesome church service, Da and I were making our way to the carpark when we walked past the Kentucky Fried Chicken fastfood restaurant. What can I say? Fastfood called out to us today for dinner. We ended up ordering a buddy meal comprising two pieces of chicken, one bandito, two drinks, two small coleslaw and two small mashed potato. Da also made an extra order of a small portion of nachos. As the tagline goes... it was "finger-licking good"!

After satisfying our own tummies, it was time to satisfy Boy-Boy's tummy. We went to my mother's home where I cooked some white rice with pork and mixed greens for Boy-Boy's dinner. As usual, the little rascal picked at his food and place on the floor whatever did not catch his fancy. sigh....

While waiting for my mother, LG and ZT to return from Malaysia, I cut a dragonfruit that we had bought a week ago. Gosh, the dragonfruit is still firm and sweet. Yummy!

I have just received a text message on my mobile phone from my mother's sister, AJ. She informed me that my mother, LG and ZT have left Muar and are on their way back to Singapore. Thank you for letting me know, AJ. Take care!


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