Wednesday, August 5, 2009

饭桶 (rice bucket)

Doesn't the nasi lemak in the photograph above look tempting? More of that later in this post....

The Chinese have a term to describe people who eat a lot of rice - "饭桶" (which means "rice bucket"). For me, today was certainly a 饭桶 day.

My mother had to attend a training session near my office today. As such, my brother (LG) gave my mother, Da and I a lift to the venue of the training venue this morning. As we had not yet eaten our breakfast, we had a quick bite of breakfast at a cafe located where the training venue is before my mother gave a cheery wave and breezed off to her whole-day training. Have fun, Ma!

My mother and Da both ordered chee cheong fun (which is made from rice) while I ordered bee hoon (rice vermicelli) for breakfast.

Lunch was with NN at an Indian Muslim stall located near NN's and my office. What did we order? Nasi bryani, of course! I had to resist the temptation to finish up the entire plate of rice. The gravy was so delicious.

In the evening, ZT (girlfriend of LG) sent me a text message on my mobile phone to inform me that she would buy nasi lemak for dinner.

Let us play the guessing game as to which packet of nasi lemak belongs to which person. There were four of us at dinner today - my mother, ZT, Da and myself.

Let's see.... Other than ingredients common to the four packets, there were two packets of nasi lemak with chilli and vegetables.

There was one packet of nasi lemak with chilli but without vegetables.

Last but not least, there was one packet of nasi lemak without chilli but with vegetables.

Have fun guessing!

My mother was also busy in the kitchen. What was she preparing as a side dish?

Ah... my mother had baked some Muar otah.

On our way to my mother's home this evening, I also bought several spring rolls.

Ta-da! A sumptuous nasi lemak dinner.

Gosh... rice for breakfast, rice for lunch and rice for dinner... 饭桶 indeed!


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