Sunday, August 30, 2009

hot and spicy

My brother (LG) was going through the freezer at home recently and realised that there are a lot of ingredients in the freezer. We had two solutions - barbeque or steamboat. By popular consensus, steamboat was the choice for dinner today.

Earlier this week, I had intended to have brunch at the basement food court of Katong Shopping Centre today. I need to get my sunglasses fixed and the optician is located at Katong Shopping Centre. However, when morning came today, our favourite coffee shop at Jalan Tua Kong beckoned us. As such, Da and I met my mother, LG and ZT (LG's girlfriend) for brunch at Jalan Tua Kong.

As Da and I were early, we ordered the food for everyone. Today, ZT decided to try something different - she ordered the fish and chips from the stall named "Ang Mo Chiak". The rest of us ordered one-dish meals from our favourite one-dish-meal stall. We also ordered a piece of fried fish and a plate of bittergourd fried with egg as side dishes.

After brunch, Da and I parted ways with the rest. We proceeded to church to sit at the feet of Jesus.

I look forward to sundays where I get the privilege of having Jesus revealed to me with such clarity. Jesus knows who we are and He still loves us. We need to trust His goodness and His Word. God does not deal with us based on the law. He deals with us based on what is in His heart.

We deserve nothing and we are thankful to receive anything from God. Because of the finished work of Jesus at the Cross, we end up receiving everything. Everything that He had, He used to serve. All the demands of the law have been fulfilled. At the Cross, Jesus found His rest in saving us, blessing us and loving us. This is our God and our Saviour.

After the church service, Da and I went home to rest. Actually, we ended up doing some springcleaning again. *grin*

Dinner was held at my mother's home. When we arrived, we could smell the lovely aroma of tom yum soup boiling in the steamboat.

LG had used a vegetarian tom yam paste that my mother bought from Muar, Malaysia in one of her previous trips there.

Ta-da! Piping hot steamboat... ready to be eaten.

The inclusion of carrots, prawns and marinated meat made the soup even more flavourful.

Boy-Boy was very well-behaved today and did not ask to share our dinner. Perhaps he knew that the soup was too spicy for his tastebuds.

After the hot and spicy dinner, it was time to cool down. LG used Bols lychee liqueur and a can of lychees in syrup.

Here is LG's creation. It was a very lovely cocktail.

Have a wonderful week ahead. God wants us to live in the realm of Grace. Remember that Jesus placed His hand on us, touched us and said, "I am willing". He always exceeds our requests. So aim high and He will more than meet our needs.


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