Sunday, August 16, 2009

combined chef

I woke up at 8.30 am today. As it was a lazy sunday, I debated whether to go back to sleep. However, the sun was shining and it was a lovely morning. I got up and engaged in my favourite sunday morning activity... baking.

I work full-time and as such, I do not have the luxury of baking/cooking as frequently as I would like. As a result, weekends are often spent baking/cooking at home unless Da and I have other activities planned.

Da woke up to the smell of mocca cookies baking in the oven. For the mocca, I mixed Hersheys cocoa powder with Ipoh Old Town hazelnut flavour white coffee.

I could not resist taking photographs of the other items as they were baking in the oven. Here are some tropical fruit cupcakes.

I also baked a muffin version of the cupcakes. In case you are wondering, I used dried mangoes and dried pineapples as the main ingredients.

How about a cream cheese cake for you?

Before Da and I left the house to meet my family for our usual sunday brunch, I packed some tropical fruit muffins and mocca cookies and gave them to the three handsome boys who live opposite Da and I in our apartment block.

The venue for the lunch? Our favourite coffee shop at Jalan Tua Kong. Today, the drinks stall guy gave us a complimentary glass of cold drink. Da and I initially thought that it was a sour plum drink. However, the drinks stall guy informed us that he made the drink using pomelo. As our food arrived, I noticed that the family sitting at the next table kept glancing towards our table. They must have been amazed at the variety of food that we ordered. Everyone ordered a different item and I must say that the spread looked very tempting.

During lunch, I asked my mother which chef would be cooking dinner tonight. She grinned and replied, "combined chef". Ah, so Grand Lady Chef (that is, my mother), Head Chef (that is, my brother LG) and Young Lady Chef (that is, LG's girlfriend ZT) would be doing a "tag team" for dinner today.

After a satisfying brunch, Da and I proceeded to church to sit at the feet of Jesus. I am awed at how Jesus is always unveiled to us in church. In Psalm 91, God said that with long life He will satisfy us by showing us Jesus. The greater the revelation that we have of Jesus, the more a victorious life we will lead and we will see length of days. Jesus is the bread of life and the water of life. May we all see Jesus constantly, feed on Him and partake of His life and health. Let the Holy Spirit lead us. The more we see Jesus in the Word, the more we are transformed by the Holy Spirit in the image of Jesus. We no longer have to worry about what to say or do because the Holy Spirit will lead us. When we focus on Jesus, whatever wisdom we need, it will be there.

God closes doors that He does not want us to go through and He opens doors that are good for us. Let us trust Him and wait on Him. He will place us at the right time at the right place.

As there was some time to spare after church, Da and I walked to Marina Square where we did some window shopping. Hi NN, we do need to catch up with you and SF soon. The shop that we went to simply boggled our minds with the wide variety of items on sale.

Dinner time! Da and I arrived at my mother's home to a delicious aroma waffling from the kitchen. A feast, as always.

The combined chefs had grilled several chicken wings in the oven.

Our family favourite, chai por egg omelette....

A large bowl of stir-fried vegetables....

And curry pacific clams with potatoes and vegetables.

Boy-Boy was in a buoyant mood tonight because the entire family (including my other brother, LB and his wife, MF) was having dinner together.

As we listened to our Prime Minister's National Day speech on television, we enjoyed some doughnuts from Donut Empire.

Boy-Boy was not allowed to eat the dougnuts but he was very excited when my mother reached for the tropical fruit cupcakes that I had baked this morning.

Finally! Some snacks for Boy-Boy. Gosh... he ate three cupcakes at one sitting!

LB and MF will be going to Bangkok, Thailand for a short getaway at the end of this month. Have a safe trip and shop till you drop!


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