Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's gonna get messy

When my brother (LG) called me at work today asking whether Da and I would be available to meet up for dinner, I was in the midst of one of my "Eeks! Why are there so many files on my table?" situations. However, when the stomach growls, the owner of the stomach goes hunting for food....

As Da was already on his way to my mother's home by bus, LG came to fetch me from work and we intercepted Da midway through his journey to my mother's home. Thereafter, we adjourned to my mother's home where we were joined by two other members of the gang - my mother (now also known as "Grand Lady Chef") and LG's girlfriend, ZT (now also known as "Young Lady Chef").

Last night, my mother had suggested that we eat light dinners from now on. The resolve strengthened when we watched "Downsize my pet" on cable television. Gosh, not only do we need to watch our diet, so does Boy-Boy! I suggested that we eat salad for dinner today.

Heehee... I was informed by my mother that salad was a "no-go" for LG for dinner today. Oh well... any alternatives?

We ended up in Carl's Jr located at East Coast Parkway.

I remember eating at Carl's Jr in the United States of America when I was younger. As such, I was very pleased when this fastfood chain decided to open outlets in Singapore in 2005.

The tagline of Carl's Jr, as you may know, is "it's gonna get messy". I guess there is a good reason for this. The burgers are so huge and full of ingredients that you cannot help but be a sloppy eater when biting into a delicious burger.

Remembering my resolve to eat salad tonight but greatly tempted by the burgers, I decided to order a chicken salad. It so happened that my mother had the same idea. As such, LG suggested that my mother and I share a chicken salad and a charbroiled chicken burger (with french fries and a free-flow drink).

It has been a long time since I last ate at Carl's Jr but the french fries were fried to perfection, just as I remembered. Thank goodness that my mother and I shared the chicken salad because after a few mouthfuls of the lettuce, I was ready to "moo". Salads are so healthy but I seem to find difficulty eating green salads. sigh....

ZT ordered a Sante Fe burger, LG ordered a Double Western burger (which looked so tempting.... sigh....) and Da ordered a chilli burger.

Not only were the drinks free-flow, so was the salsa. Yummy, yummy!

Other than my mother and I, the others were probably holding their tummies by the end of the dinner because their portions were so substantial. Had I eaten an entire burger at Carl's Jr, I would have been in the same situation as them. However, as I ate half a chicken burger (my mother having eaten the other half) and I pecked at the chicken salad, I dare say that I was full but not "I have to hold my tummy" full. Phew!


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