Monday, August 10, 2009

The day after

Our 44th National Day fell on a sunday this year (that is, 9 August 2009). As the public holiday was on a sunday, the day after (that is, today) was therefore a public holiday as well.

We do not get many public holidays in Singapore. If I am not mistaken, we have only about 11 days of public holidays in a year. As such, each public holiday that we have is treasured (because we do not have to go to school, go to work, etc... yippee!) and better yet if the public holiday falls on a sunday because the day after is also a public holiday.

Da and I woke up around 9.30 am today and we decided to have a simple breakfast. I made a large mug of coffee with milk.

The day before (that is, 8 August 2009), SC had given us a packet of crispy pork floss with sesame seeds and seaweed. I decided to spread some of this on two slices of sweet bread that I had baked the day before. I sandwiched this with two other slices of the sweet bread and lightly toasted the sandwiches in an oven preheated to 100 degrees celsius for 5 minutes.

What does one do on a lazy public holiday? Spring clean one's home, of course!

As Da and I were doing some spring cleaning, I baked a loaf of bacon egg bread.

Lunch time! As we had to wait for the loaf of bread to complete its baking process in the oven, we were late to meet my mother, my brother (LG) and LG's girlfriend (ZT) for lunch at the basement food court at Katong Shopping Centre. When we arrived, the rest of them had already started on their lunch. No worries!

Tea break was held at Coffee Club located at East Coast Road. I rarely patronise Coffee Club as there is no outlet near my office. I was pleased to discover that the the coffee was very smooth.

After a leisurely tea break, we adjourned to my mother's home for... more food, of course! I sliced the bacon egg bread that I had baked this morning.

Boy-Boy was given a little treat when ZT offered him small bites of the bacon egg bread. Being my loyal food tester, the little darling did not decline the treat.

Gosh... this National Day weekend has been full of food, food and more food!

LG and ZT displayed their culinary skills again by being the chefs for the night. Fried rice, baked Muar otah and baked finger food - what a feast.

Just as everyone said that they could not eat another bite, LG and ZT served dessert comprising slices of pandan pound cake, coffee pound cake and kiwifruit ice cream - all made by me.

My dear loved ones and friends, let not your heart be troubled nor let it be afraid. Do not worry about tomorrow because there will be fresh blessings from God for tomorrow. Just enjoy the blessings that the Lord has given us today and trust that He will provide for us tomorrow. Everything will work out for our good.


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bacon egg bread-savoury and sweet??


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