Sunday, August 23, 2009

creatures of habit

My family and I are creatures of habit. When we like the food from a certain stall/restaurant or we like a certain dish, we tend to eat it again and again and again.

Yesterday, Da and I attended the birthday barbeque of Da's niece, MAT. Our friend SC was at the party as well. When I mentioned to SC that my family and I like to eat at a coffeeshop at Jalan Tua Kong, before I could complete my sentence, she replied, "I know. I read your blog.". Gosh, from the limited number of eating establishments that are mentioned in my blog, you must think that my family and I are the most boring people on earth! However, the fact of the matter is that we are not too fussy about food and if we find an eating establishment whose food we like, we do not mind patronising that establishment frequently.

On this note, I guess there will be no prizes for guessing where we had our brunch today. Heehee... yes, our favourite coffeeshop at Jalan Tua Kong, of course. There is a new stall (named "Ang Mo Chiak") at this coffeeshop. However, each time my family and I patronise this coffeeshop, we invariably order our food from the same stalls. We will oogle at the western food that other patrons have ordered from "Ang Mo Chiak" and mention "hmm... the next time we come here, we should give this stall a try". However, when the "next time" happens, we end up ordering food from the same stall again.

After brunch, Da and I proceeded to church. Even though we arrived early, the carpark was extremely full. After circling the carpark a few times, we had a choice of two available carpark lots in close proximity to each other. Hallelujah! We parked our car and made it to church just in time for the second worship song.

Reading the Bible and/or listening to a sermon without revelation of Jesus is not the way to lead our lives. God wants to show us Jesus in the Bible. What is important is that each time we read the Bible or listen to a sermon, we get a fresh revelation of Jesus and His finished work. Christ becomes of no effect to us if we are justified by the law. The more we hold onto the law, we make Christ of no effect. Either the law saves us or Jesus saves us - we need to choose. If the law had been faultless, then there would have been no place for grace. The new covenant that God brought (that is, the covenant of grace) promises us that our sins He will remember no more. God blesses us because He is good. The covenant of grace is based upon the blood of His Son, Jesus. The blood of Jesus is our entitlement to protection and every blessings of heaven.

Many a time, we pray for healing for those around us. However, many of us forget that we are not the healer - Jesus is the Healer. God's will is for us to be well. There may be reasons why some of us are ill but it is not because that is God's will. We need to remember that all who came to Jesus were made well. However, the problem is that whilst we have faith, many of us have doubts, often caused by years of erroneous teaching / believing. For example, some people have been taught to believe that it is not their time to be healed. Some others have been taught to believe that God made them ill for a purpose (eg. to teach them patience). The more we believe that we are not qualified, the healing is obstructed. Jesus said that if we have faith (even one a small as a mustard seed) and we do not doubt, we can speak to the mountain and it will move. So let us seek God and ask Him to remove any doubt in our mind. Watch the healing and blessings come into our lives!

After church, Da and I proceeded to Parkway Parade for some window shopping. We saw a brand of organic floor cleaning that is safe for children and pets, and we decided to buy a bottle for my mother. Boy-Boy has sensitive skin and my mother often has to dilute the floor cleaner for purposes of mopping the floor, so as to avoid irritating his skin. This brand of organic floor cleaner should be effective, I think. Do give it a try, Ma and let us know.

When we arrived at my mother's home, Boy-Boy was "standing guard" in front of the kitchen. Ah, the combined chefs were at work again. My brother (LG) has mastered the skill of cooking curry dishes and he was cooking one of his specialities today - curry chicken.

Three dishes were cooked for dinner today and served with piping hot steamed white rice.

LG's curry chicken comprises potatoes, carrots, onions and chicken fried with mustard seed and spices such as curry powder and garam masala.

My mother gave me a choice of two types of egg omelette - onion omelette or chai por (that is, preserved radish) omelette. Tsk, tsk... it was a difficult choice because I like both types of omelette. In the end, LG's girlfriend (ZT) took out the packet of chai por from the refrigerator when I seemed to steer towards chai por omelette.

Here is another signature dish - stir-fried cabbage with button mushrooms and carrots. It is a simple dish but very appetising.

This coming week will be an awesome week for all of us! Blessings will run after us and we will be at the right time at the right place. Greater is He that is in us than he that is in this world.


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