Saturday, July 5, 2008

Work and play

It's the weekend again! I was looking forward to this weekend. In fact, my "happy hour" started last night, when I met up with LSD @ BH, Ah Boy @ Ah Di and Ah Wen for window shopping at Bugis Village, dinner at Bugis Junction and coffee at TCC. It was a wonderful time of bonding and laughter. Ah Girl was teased mercilessly about her Boy-Boy (kids, how was I to know that Boy-Boy is a toy and not a man?!). On the way to TCC, LSD @ BH @ LBD @ Ah Girl (goodness me! Her list of nicknames seems to be getting longer and longer) showed us the shop where a framed photo of what is believed to be MOW's wedding photograph was hung. I stared and scrutinised the photograph but I am not 100% certain that it is MOW. LSD and her colleagues seem to think that it is MOW. Girl, you should just ask MOW outright whether it is her.

Oh! I just remembered. Before I left the office, a client came by to pass me a cheque for a matter that I am handling for him. He has been my client for many years. His son used to date an actress. There was once when the actress came with my client, his wife and her boyfriend (ie. the client's son) to our office. Yesterday evening, the client passed remarks to the effect that I am fat. Why can't men be more tactful? I know that I am not slim like a model nor busty like.... er... nevermind.... (heehee). But did he have to state the obvious? Sigh, he could have not said anything or perhaps commented on something else instead (eg. that I look more pretty by the day? ahem! haha....).

For the 1st time in several weeks, I decided last night that I would go to work today. At the time when I left the office yesterday evening, there was a lot of work on my table not yet attended to, so I decided that I might as go to work today instead of procrastinating till Monday. As they say, "time and tide waits for no man".

On the way to work, Da dropped me off (at my request) at our old office. Guess what? We have come one full circle as we will be moving back to our old office in September 2008. I felt a sense of deja vu as I walked into the main lift lobby and pressed the button for the lift. This time, however, we will not be occupying the same floor as before. We will be occupying a lower floor. As I stepped out of the lift on the floor where our "new" office will be, I peeked through the glass door (the previous tenant had already vacated the premises) and took a deep breath. I cannot explain the feeling I felt. It was like a sense of homecoming. I have a lot of happy memories at our "old" office (I was there since 1995 and we moved to our current office in September 2005).

As I stood outside our "new" office, lost in thought, I decided to try and open the main glass door. It was locked. I turned and glanced at the side door, hesitated for a moment and then I resolutely walked towards it. It was unlocked! I pushed the door open and glanced inside. The previous tenant had not cleared its belongings and the place was in a mess. I was not sure whether there was anyone around (since the door was unlocked) and I did not want to take the chance at being caught red-handed, so I closed the door quietly and left. As I left, a thought came to me... I hope that I get the view of the sea from my new room. I love the sea and a sense of calm always comes over me each time I look at the sea. I used to love walking along the beach at night or just sit at the beach and stare into nothingness. It is very therapeutic.

I have been informed that I need to draw up a codebook for all the nicknames that my 3 technical consultants and I have come up with so far. You are right, kids... if we do not pen this down, we are likely to forget a nickname or two sooner than later. So, who wants the honours of drawing up the list in nice powerpoint slide version, perhaps with photographs attached and music in the background? How about...... Ah Wen or perhaps Ah Boy @ Ah Di?

I have been given feedback that my post of yesterday was... gosh, I cannot remember what was the remark given but I guess she meant "bo liao"? My dear girl, I was trying to do a market analysis based on personal experience. I admit that I did not use technical terms like the way property consultants do but hey, if I keep this up, I can start contributing articles to magazines and newspapers when I reach the stage where my articles are long, analytical, thoroughly confusing and contains bombastic technical jargon that nobody understands but sounds impressive.

I thought that I was done with the post for today, but wait! There's more! (heehee... sounds like an advertisement on TV). Da and I went to the 3 musketeers' home for dinner today. Goodness me! I found out today that Black Ninja has a blog! I have added his blog until the link "my kakis' blogs". Do check it out.

Speaking of blogs, I am happy that Black Ninja has started his own blog. Do keep it up, my boy. Please encourage your kor-kor, Super Cute, to start his blog as well. I have been nagging the 2 of you to write diaries for years, to no avail. A blog is as good as a diary, if not better, because it is visual. Have fun with it!

The 3 musketeers were listening to YouTube videos before dinner. When dinner (very appetising Spaghetti bolognaise cooked by their Papa) was served, their Papa told them to leave the YouTube videos playing. When Click 5 started singing "Kidnap My Heart", 3 year old Nining started singing along! We were all stunned that she knew the lyrics.

After dinner, we continued with our karaoke session using the YouTube videos. Everyone gave suggestions of which video to play, eg. Uptown Girl, Dancing Queen, Funky Town, Apologise, etc. Not to be left out, Nining requested for Alvin and the Chipmunks songs. The songs were so catchy that we started dancing and stomping our feet! Even Nining was shaking her booty while dancing! Alas! I forgot to take out my digital camera to take a photograph of her dancing. We even discussed going to the KTV while we were dancing. AC said that the KTV sessions cost less on a weekday afternoon. A thought occurred to us and we started joking about taking urgent leave this coming Monday in order to go to the KTV at Kallang. (oops... Ah Boy, if you are reading this post, please keep my secret if I fail to turn up for work this coming Monday, okay? I will give you and Ah Wen a treat in exchange for your silence.)

Speaking of KTV, when is our next KTV session, my dear LSD, Ah Boy and Ah Wen?

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wesirelander said...

When I finally execute my exit strategy or when Ah Di feels rich to treat us to ktv, whichever is earlier...

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