Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Life is funny. Things sometimes go wrong and get you down. Just when you keep chanting the mantra "what goes round, comes round" but in your heart, you wonder whether there is justice in the world, things happen that surprise you and the phrase "poetic justice" comes to mind. In fact, I used the phrase several times today, much to my own surprise. I even had a good laugh with some colleagues about it today.

LSD @ BH was whining to me today that she is bored, bored, bored. She also did not want to go home early today. To entertain the dear girl, I suggested that she come to my office this evening to chit-chat.

LSD arrived after work (note: she has kindly informed me that she did not come to my office directly from work and that she diverted for dessert first. tsk, girl! Think of your figure!) and she sat down in the spare chair in my room and we chatted. Goodness me! Many colleagues came by my room to chat with LSD. LSD even witnessed first hand how YH is more tame nowadays.

I have learned the secret to making myself popular - have LSD sit in my room. Suddenly, everyone seems to have some reason to pop by my room. Alas! I cannot deceive myself into thinking that I have suddenly become the apple of everyone's eye!

A colleague came by my room and offered us "tau sar piah". LSD declined but I accepted the offer (I was very hungry at that time!). I chose the salty "tau sar piah", broke it into half and gave half to LSD (sisters share and share alike, remember?). It was very fresh and tasty. Goodness me! Talking about "half and half", I suddenly thought of the Hokkien song in the 881 Movie! haha.....

LSD @ Ms Kimono and I were discussing her kimono for her company's dinner and dance this friday. She has chosen to wear a pink kimono. I had a look at the photograph that she took dressed in the kimono. I have some comments:-

(a) Please bun up your hair. Kimonos do not go well with flowing hair.

(b) Instead of wearing a thin t-shirt inside the kimono, a tube would be more appropriate because the kimono, when the sash is tied, looks a bit snug for you on your top half. You know the reason, girl....

At about 7.50 pm, LSD and I discussed leaving my office around 8 pm today. I sent a sms to Da. Lo and behold! He replied to suggest meeting at the MRT station at 8.15 pm. Perfect timing! Since I had 10 minutes to spare, I started typing my post for today. Just when I had finished talking about the 881 movie (see above), I glanced at my watch. Goodness me! It was past 8 pm. I quickly logged out and LSD and I walked towards the MRT station. After my putting devilish thoughts in her mind to hail a cab home, she decided to be a good girl and take the MRT instead.

As Da and I alighted at our MRT station near our home, I noticed that the THIS FASHION outlet at the MRT station was still open. I glanced at the mannequins and noticed that one of the mannequins was wearing a tube. Intrigued, I went into the shop and browsed. Mindful of the fact that Ms Kimono's kimono is pink, I headed straight for the pink tubes. I was in luck! I saw 2 pink tubes - one was a stretchable pink lace tube and the other was a stretchable pink cotton/lycra tube.

I called Ms Kimono on her mobile phone and waited an eternity for the young lady to answer the call. When she answered the call, I told her about the 2 tubes and asked her whether she wanted me to help her buy them. She asked what size were the tubes. They are free size but as I was talking to her, I pondered over whether the tubes, albeit in free size, would fit over her... er... nevermind....

In the end, I bought both tubes. You will never be able to guess the prices of both tubes. My dear girl, you can have both tubes if you like both. Or you can choose either of the tubes when you give me a lunch treat at Hans tomorrow. Here are your options:-

(a) If you decide to take both tubes, yippee!

(b) If you decide to take 1 of the tubes, that's fine. I shall find someone else to give the other tube to. Ah Wen, do you want a pink tube?

(c) If you reject both tubes, YOU WILL INCUR MY WRATH! heehee.... just kidding.

For the curious out there, here are the photographs of the tubes:-

Okay, the photos were not well taken. It was late, I was exhausted and I wanted a quick shower before I cooked dinner. In actual fact, both tubes are soft (especially the one in pink lace). They should be comfortable to wear. Well, we wait with bated breath for Ms Kimono to let us know how her company's dinner and dance goes this friday. Will she be called onto the stage to do a slow Japanese dance with FL? Watch this space for more updates!

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