Saturday, July 26, 2008


First impressions count, do they not? However, sometimes things or people are not what they seem at 1st impression.

This morning, I requested Da to let me alight at Raffles Link on our way to the office. It is not an official working day for me, so I decided to indulge myself with a Qi Ji breakfast before going to the office to clear work. Unfortunately, Da could not join me because he was running late for work.

I ordered my usual Nasi Lemak Set 1 without chilli and a cup of coffee. As I sat down to eat, I took out my romance novel (the 7th of 8 novels that I borrowed from the library on 5 July 2008). Today is the deadline to return the books, so I guess it is unlikely that I will be able to finish reading all 8 books by today.

Seated at the next table were a young boy (playing on a laptop), a young girl (doing some homework) and 2 maids. As I observed them, the first thought that came to my mind was, "Hmmph! Another family that seems to think that it is fashionable to have 1 maid per child."

Subsequently, the parents of the 2 children joined them. The little boy turned around and stood up on the chair. As he clamoured over the top of the chair to climb onto his father's lap for a hug and a kiss, I realised that the little boy had a low IQ. Immediately, I felt contrite. No wonder the family needed 2 maids. 1 of the maids was clearly to attend to the boy's every need.

After breakfast, I took a bus and alighted at the bus stop outside the building where our office will be moving to at the end of August 2008. I took the lift up to the 7th storey and... you guessed it! I took out my digital camera and started taking photographs. I went inside the currently empty unit and managed to locate the area where my room will be situated. I felt a thrill of excitement and homecoming.

As I was about to cross the lift lobby to the other side of the floor to take more photographs, I bumped into 2 technicians employed by the Management Corporation of the building. I recognised them! They were also working as technicians in the building 3 years ago when our office used to be located at this building. They recognised me. The younger technician told me that he was aware that we will be "moving back". The older technician winked at me (as he was pulling the younger technician into the lift) and said, "Aiyoh... don't come back."

As I left the building, I did something that I had not done in 3 years. I jay-walked across the busy road. It was so much fun! Okay, call me nostalgic but I felt a sense of peace visiting our "old"/"new" office.

Well, one cannot tell 1/2 a story, can one? So, when I arrived at the building where our office is currently located, I also started taking photographs. As I alighted the lift on the level where the transfer lifts were located, the lady who was in the lift with me (and who was trying not to stare at the camera in my hand!) smiled at me and advised me to take photographs from a certain viewpoint on that floor as there is a lovely view of the sea. I thanked her and started taking photographs as though there is "no tomorrow". As I was doing so, I heard a sound behind me. Turning back, I saw the Cisco guard who is usually stationed at the front of the building in the mornings (to direct traffic) grinning at me.

Wait a minute... things come in threes, do they not? Yes, I had to take photographs of my current office. I actually have a lovely view from my room. As I have a corner room, I get the view of the city as well as the view of the sea. It is a pity that I do not appreciate the view more often.

Lunchtime! Da and I met at the Tanjong Pagar MRT station and took the train to City Hall MRT station. We then walked to Y Y Kafei Dian (yes, the famous Hainanese coffeeshop near BH's office) for lunch. It was actually a toss-up between Y Y Kafei Dian and Chin Chin Restaurant but we decided to try Y Y Kafei Dian for a change. We ordered the Special Tofu, Bittergourd Omelette and Crispy Cuttelfish with 2 plates of rice. The food was delicious. However, I find that Chin Chin Restaurant's Bittergourd Omelette is more tasty.

You will not believe this but after lunch, we continued with our teatime! I had heard rave reviews about the donuts and toasted bread buns sold at Y Y Kafei Dian, so I just had to try them. After some cajolment, Da ordered 1 donut, 1 toasted bread bun spread with peanut butter, 1 tea with evaporated milk and 1 hot lemon tea. We shared the donut and toasted bread bun. Ooh La La! I glanced around guiltily (in case other diners were staring at these 2 greedy pigs and heaved a sigh of relief when I noticed that the patrons seated at several other tables did the same thing as well).
A trip to the Bras Basah / Bugis area will not be complete without a visit to our National Library. It is located in a big building and comprises several levels. We headed for the basement level, where the fiction books are shelved. I returned the 8 novels that I borrowed earlier (I managed to finish reading the 7th novel but was not able to start on the 8th novel) and I borrowed 8 new ones! As there was time, I started reading 1 of the novels (""Anyone But You" by Jennifer Crusie) at the library. The central character in the novel is a Part Basset Hound - Part Beagle named "Fred". You will love the dog's antics! He knew how to climb down the fire escape.

All too soon, it was time to make our way to Sembawang to the home of WC and SC. Their apartment unit is located behind the area where the United States Navy house their navy personnel. As such, it is a very quiet location and very peaceful, especially in the mornings. When we arrived, WC and SC had just had dinner, so we watched their home-made DVD of their recent trip to United States of America before the 4 of us took a stroll to the nearby Sembawang Shopping Centre where we all shared some chicken murtabak and coin prata at Ah Mei's Cafe. A family at a nearby table were so fascinated at the coin prata that they leaned over and asked us for the name of the dish. It certainly lives up to its name! It is basically plain prata but made in the shape of a coin.
Have a blessed weekend, my dear friends and loved ones. Life is short and no matter what hiccups the devil throws at you, remember that the Lord loves you and He has won the battle for you.

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wesirelander said...

I find the food at Chin Chin too oily. As compared to YY, the place is more stuffy, probably due to the rather poor cirulation of the place.

The next time you pass by the area, you may wanna try First Thai, this non-aircon thai place, located opposite Chin Chin, along Purvis St. Their thai food is pretty authentic, must tries are the prawn cake and their iced milk tea! But! Please bring more cash along. No credit cards or nets payment allowed.

Is a pity BD doesnt take spicy food, or we can make that as the next outing for our "gang".

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