Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sweet sixteen

I woke up this morning with a feeling of anticipation. The day I waited an entire week for is here at last! What is so special about this day, you may ask. Well, I decided at the beginning of this week that I shall go to the hair salon today to rebond my hair. Each day, I waited with impatience for the end of the day so that the next day can arrive and I am one day nearer to saturday.

Oh! What a wonderful day! The weather was superb when I woke up. The birds were chirping and the sun was not very hot. It was a perfect morning.

I initially hummed, then sang at the top of my voice, as I got ready to go out. Da had gone to work earlier (I did my usual "5 more minutes" routine when he tried to wake me up. He sighed, rolled his eyes, and then made his way to work.).

After I changed into my jeans (that I bought from Sant Rolane in Singapore) and t-shirt (that I bought from Perth last year), I put on my "war paint" (ie. my skincare routine). An inspiration came to me when I was done. I decided to "do the Karen Cheng". Who? Recently, the newspapers reported about a Chinese woman who grew up in Australia and who still lives in a suburb in Australia. She has 2 young sons. To save on money, instead of buying the clothes that she tried in the shops, she took digital photographs of her wearing those clothes while she was in the fitting room. However, unlike the famous Karen Cheng, I was woefully inadequate with the digital camera when I tried to take a photograph of my curly hair.

If you are wondering where this is all leading to, you got it! I wanted to take "before and after" photographs of my hair.

In the end, I struggled with the digital camera while attempting to take a photograph of the back of my head. I tried to take the photograph using my reflection in the mirror but was not successful. I had to twist my arm behind me and take a photograph with the camera behind me.

Dissatisfied with the photographs that I took but unable to do better, I made my way to Parkway Parade. Da had thoughtfully left the car keys on the dining table, so I drove to Parkway Parade. As the rebonding would take several hours, I decided to park the car at the multi-storey carpark next to NTUC in Marina Parade. Goodness me! At 10+ in the morning, the carpark was almost full! I kept dirivng round and round the carpark, to no avail. Just when I was about to give up and make my way down the carpark (with the intention to park at the carpark at Parkway Parade), I spied several empty lots on the top floor of the carpark. Glory be! I parked the car and made my way to Parkway Parade.

A few years ago, I signed up for a package of 8 session at Jean Yip hair salon in Parkway Parade. How it works is that each time I go there for hair treatment, etc, I use up 1 of the sessions. As I approached the front desk of Jean Yip hair salon, I made a decision on the spot to highlight my hair as well.

A male hairstylist attended to me. Although he said that he has been working with Jean Yip for about 3 years, he seemed to be experienced (perhaps he had worked elsewhere before Jean Yip) and he gave me some tips on hairstyle as well as what kind of highlights to have (I left the colour of the hairdye to his discretion but requested that he not select the blonde hairdye). He cautioned me that the whole session would take about 4 hours. Not to worry! I came prepared with a romance novel.

LSD sent me an sms while I was about to doze off at the hair salon. She had just woken up and she asked how my rebonding was coming along. We exchanged several sms-es.

After about 4 1/2 hours (yes, the hairstylist exceeded his time limit!), the moment of truth came. He finished blow drying my hair and he brought a handheld mirror to reflect the back of my hair. I waited with bated breath. I took a look at the reflection of the back of my head in the mirror and nodded in approval. He had done a great job!

In case you are wondering why the title of this post is "SWEET SIXTEEN", it is because I asked the hair stylist to make me look sixteen. When I told LSD this, she replied to ask me whether the hair stylist recommended that I go for surgery instead. grrrrr!

As I left, I met up with Da (who had arrived at Parkway Parade by then) and met up with him for a late lunch at the food court. On impulse, I took out my digital camera as well as my mobile phone and took photographs of Da. Then, naturally, I casually asked him to take my photograph as well. haha! I forwarded my photograph (that was taken using my mobile phone) to LSD via mms. There was no immediately reply. "Oh well", I thought, "sometimes mms are unsuccessful."

As we were eating at the food court, my mobile phone rang. It was Popcorn! He invited Da and I to his place for dinner. For the uninitiated, Popcorn is the Papa of the 3 musketeers. Aha! Does the name ring a bell now?

As Da was parking our car at the multi-storey carpark at Popcorn's place, I spotted Big Foot (ie. the 3 musketeers' god-grandpa cum golf coach) parking his car. I stopped and waited for him to alight the car. He got out, saw me, then looked puzzled why I was smiling at him. Then he turned his head and saw Da. Recognition dawned. He greeted us and told me that he could not recognise me in my new hairstyle! He even said that I look younger with this hairstyle. (yes, I am such a glutton for flattery...)

Dinner was fantastic! Popcorn had outdone himself again! He is an excellent chef and cooks mouthwatering dishes every time. As you can see from the photograph on the left, we had delicious steamed fish, assam cuttlefish, broiled green vegetables, chicken / potato / carrot soup and Indian rojak for dinner. Bon appetit!

After dinner, I was restless as I could not wait to type my post for today. Supercute was watching "Bourne Identity" on Channel 5. When he left the room, Popcorn asked me whether I wanted to watch any DVD. I requested to use the computer. As I started typing my post, Supercute came to join me and he wanted to create a blog also. Here is his blog address - Do check it out. Lately, he has been playing a computer game called "Maple Sea" and he is crazy about it. I expect his blog to be full of his comments and experiences playing "Maple Sea".

Gasp! LSD has just sent me a sms. It seems that she received the mms from me after all and she showed it to her Mama. Thank you, Mama of BH, for your complimentary remarks on my new hairstyle. Let's meet up for coffee soon, okay? My treat!

Nining looks very pretty today. She kept smiling each time I took out the mobile phone or digital camera, every ready to smile for the camera! Pretty girl, you will break a young man's heart some day.

Popcorn has just received a telephone call from Black Ninja. The National Day rehearsal has ended. As Popcorn and Tiki go to fetch their son, I shall take a break from this post and let Supercute continue with his blogging. Have a blessed weekend!

(Comment: in case you are wondering why I have not mentioned Black Ninja in my post, it is because he is watching the National Day rehearsal. I believe that Eddy is over there as well as I checked his blog and he has not posted for today.

Black Ninja & Eddy - I wait with anticipation for your post. I hope that you will write about the National Day rehearsal and your thoughts about what you saw.)

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