Monday, July 14, 2008

Reflections and frivolous thoughts

I have been told that my posts lately have been very reflective and the reader needs to interpret what I am trying to say.

I think that there are days where I reflect upon events that have occurred and I have thoughts on the matter that I would like to share. A blog is a good place to pen down one's thoughts. This is why I encourage Supercute, Black Ninja and Eddy to write a post daily in their respective blogs. Their posts may start out like a typical diary, that is, they write about what happened that day. However, they will find that as time goes by, there will be times when their posts are more reflective instead of narrative. It is good for them to be reflective. It shows that they are thinking about events in their life. Boys, do not worry that your grammar is not perfect initially or that you do not use powerful vocabulary in your posts. It is more important that you make the effort to write in proper sentences and use proper English. Do not be reluctant to check the dictionary.

When I was growing up and I came across words that I was not familiar with, my mother always refused to tell me the meaning when I asked her. Instead, she would say her usual refrain, "What's the dictionary for?". As time went by, I got used to checking the dictionary and by-the-by, my vocabulary improved. I know that your school curriculum is very hectic but I would urge you to read as many English story books as you can and if possible, attempt as many English assessment books as you can. You will never know what you pick up subconsciously. Many a time have Da and I been pleasantly surprised by the vocabulary used by Supercute and/or Black Ninja. It turned out that Da or I had used such a word or phrase before. At the point in time when we used the word or phrase, it was as part of a conversation and not intended to be an English lesson for them. However, their young minds have subconsciously absorbed the word or phrase and they have since applied what they have learned. Never be afraid to ask what a word or phrase should be in English. That is how you learn.

Now, onto something more frivolous lest it be said that I am too reflective again. On saturday (12 July 2008), Big Foot suggested that I don a school uniform to work today and stand near the reception counter to see how many of my colleagues can recognise me in my new hairstyle. Alas, I have disposed of my school uniforms. I contacted my little sister (LSD) and asked her to come to the rescue. Unfortunately, although she claims to be 10 years younger than me (and Ah Wen being even younger than that!), she does not have any more school uniforms. Oh well, at least I asked. In the end, I decided to wear a purple blouse that I bought from Isetan Katong over the weekend (LSD - it cost around S$16 after discount. It's very comfortable!) with a black flared skirt that I bought from Bangkok (the skirt cost me 200 baht) in May 2008.

As things turned out, my colleagues had no difficulty recognising me although I had to put up with some good natured ribbing at work.

LSD has informed me that she has been thinking of doing something to her hair. I have suggested that she rebond her hair and cut it shorter (ie. to shoulder length). She replied that she would look fat in rebonded hair. Ah Wen, what are your views on this? Will BH look more like, er, a "bh" if she were to rebond her hair?

LSD's Papa has reminded me about the Three Elephant soya sauce from Muar. He says that he is ready to make his famous popiah and is only lacking the soya sauce. Hi Uncle, have patience. My Mama is checking with her 2nd sister in Muar about this special sauce. I hope to have good news for you soon.

By the way, to all my friends out there, do you know of anyone who is able to give English tuition to a primary school boy? If so, do let me know. Thank you very much.

Goodness me! My room in the office has recently become:-
(a) complaint corner;
(b) consultation room; and
(c) tuition centre.
I do not know what else it will become. There are days when a queue forms outside my door! I once overheard a staff saying, "OK. Next!" as he left my room. I did not know whether to laugh with amusement or to duck my head in shyness.


wesirelander said...

Some clarifications over here

1) I do not need to "claim" that I'm 10 yrs younger than u. Technically speaking, I am indeed 10 yrs younger than u. I have the evidence!

2) U didnt ask me if i have sch uniforms, you just told me the idea of the sch uniform. And i replied you with a cheeky sms to ask where to find one set that fits u? hee...

3) Try getting a queue system, as what I suggested. It'll be soo cool! Imagine the next time i go & find u..i just have to press "PINK" to get immediate attention!

wesirelander said...

oops left out something. Maybe your room is (4) a refuge for people who doesnt wanna go home early!

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