Friday, July 11, 2008

An exciting day


I am looking forward to tomorrow. I intend to go to the hair salon tomorrow to rebond my hair. Hopefully, with rebonded hair, my friends will stop calling me names like "poodle", "Princess Leia", etc. haha! No offence taken, my friends...

I was thinking that after I rebond my hair, I shall let my hair grow long again. Before long, the hair will start to curl again when the effects of the rebonding wear out. By then, I would have lovely long flowing and wavy hair. Ooh la la! Will I look like one of the heroines on the cover of romance novels? I wait in anticipation.

It is LSD's company's dinner and dance ("D&D") today! She has just forwarded to me a photograph of her wearing a black tank top and pink flowery shorts. KAWAII (ie. Japanese for "cute")! Do not worry - the theme of her D&D this year is not "beach party". She will be wearing a pink kimono over her beach attire. Girl - have a wonderful time at the D&D and I hope that you end up on stage with FL. Will FL kiss Ah Girl? Will FL do a slow dance with Ah Girl? Will FL and Ah Girl sing "SAKURA"? The plot thickens.....

Gasp! I have just realised something. If LSD is wearing a black tank top beneath her pink kimono, it means that the 2 tubes that I bought for her are both too tight! BH has lived up to her name again.

My friend has just asked me to check out her son's blog and to leave comments. Her son is trying to improve his command of the English language. I have added the link to Eddy's blog ( in my blog. Do check it out. I have read his posts and left a comment today. It is heartening that he is making an effort to express himself via a blog. For so long as he makes a conscious effort to write his posts in proper English, it will not be long before his command of the English language improves. Writing posts in one's blog is akin to writing a diary.

There will always be ups and downs in life. Let us learn to "let live and let go". All things will work out for the best in time. Have faith.

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