Monday, July 28, 2008

KTV night

The last KTV session that the gang had was some time ago and the one that we had this evening was long overdue.

After much cajoling, blatant hints and direct questions, BD finally took the hint and reverted last week to confirm the KTV session scheduled for this evening. Yippee! Another time of fellowship! I was looking forward to the evening.

This round, the usual members of the gang (ie. AL, AT, VW, FT, BD, SPD and I) confirmed our attendance to the KTV session. The only missing member was SR, who has left our firm.

In the office today, the gang tried to look busy at work the whole day while counting down the hours and minutes to "HAPPY HOUR".

Finally, the clock struck 6 pm and everyone perked up. Knowing looks and grins were shared. The anticipation was building up.

LSD had earlier declined BD's invitation to join the gang for KTV. In the evening, she informed me that her class scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled and as such, she was a "free agent" tonight (ie. she did not have to rush home to revise her homework for class tomorrow. Alternatively, she did not need to sing to her textbook tonight.). She asked whether she could still join us. Of course she could. I asked her to come over to our office and we could make our way to the KTV lounge from our office. She spoke to BD and a similar invitation was extended to her.

Being the shy girl that LSD is (quare: can you hear me gagging right now?), she was hesitant to join the gang and me for dinner at the cafe near the KTV lounge. As such, I asked the gang to go ahead for their dinner while I met up with LSD for dinner near my office. As we were finishing our dinner, LSD received an sms from BD. The gang had been allocated Room No. 12 at the KTV lounge. We made our way there.

As usual, there was endless ribbing and laughter as each one of us sang like chickens being slaughtered. Okay, I shall be frank. The only chicken that was slaughtered at the KTV session was me. Everyone else in the gang sang like they were practising for the next Singapore Idol competition. Sigh... What can I say? Practice makes perfect! At times, I laughed so much that my tummy hurt. Special requests were made for certain songs.

Such a pity that SR was not part of the session today. She could have sang that "mati" song that she seems to be so fond of! As usual, the gang selected songs for me. Without fail, when it came to certain songs, everyone had some form of hand action or other.

Goodness me! Why does the gang always choose songs for me that are so low or so difficult to sing? I was a 1st soprano during my choir days. Of course, it has been years since I trained my voice and I must admit that there are days recently where I did the unthinkable, ie. sang using my lungs instead of my diaphragm. Gasp! My choir instructor would have fainted at my audacity. Come to think of it, in the old days (ie. during my choir days) when we were trained to sing using our diaphragm, I had a lovely flat tummy. Nowadays, a combination of lower metabolic rate and inactivity has shown its results.

Each time I went to the toilet, I saw skimpily dressed young girls preening in front of the mirror in the toilet. Goodness me! How much combing can one's hair take? Some of the girls did not appear to be locals as they spoke in foreign tongues.

As each of us got into the groove, the air-conditioning did not seem cool enough for us. Some of the gang started using magazines to fan themselves. Not to worry! I came to the rescue. I reached into my handbag and took out the plastic Disney fan that Da bought for me from the flea market recently. The gang was amused at the fan. It seemed so childish! But hey, it was useful to hit each other with the fan as it was not painful. Well, at least when BH used the fan to hit my thigh, I did not feel any pain. AT and VW also used the fan to hit BD several times on his shoulder when he was being cheeky. It wasn't painful was it? However, we all got a bit rough and a part of the fan broke off. Not to worry. I have been hoping to get a fan made from sandalwood. I hope that Da has caught the hint!

Towards the end of the KTV session, I could barely keep my eyes open. As there were 4 of us who lived in the East area, we shared a taxi home. In the taxi, I closed my eyes briefly to rest them.

It was indeed a time of fellowship and laughter.

When we have good friends around us, the world is such a beautiful place. Keep the laughter, my friends. I thank the Lord for you.

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wesirelander said...

They sound like they are thai. Was kind worried about your safety though. ahha..they might think you are some CID or something. Oei! I am very shy one ok?! Oh! And who says everyone sang like chickens being slaughtered? There very very nice singing by the gang lah! Hey load the videos and photos soon, ok? haha

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