Sunday, July 20, 2008

His power is in control

Man does not live on bread alone. What, then, does Man live on?

We have a spiritual hunger that cannot be met from mortal food. Jesus is the food of our life.

Do not be influenced by people who do not feed on the Word or who jumble the Word without sorting it out. Passages in the Bible should be read in its context. There are many people who claim to be Christians and yet take the passages from the Bible out of context, thereby misleading people or striking fear in the hearts of others.

We have to get something straight up front. Grace is undeserved favour. Yes, we are all sinners. However, Jesus came to die for the sinners and the undeserving. The people who Jesus healed or saved were sinners, tax collectors, etc. We CAN receive while we are undeserving. At the Cross, Jesus received our curse and we, in turn, received His blessing.

Let us look forward to a life of blessings and favour.

We should face life with a positive expectancy of good. The Lord is the Word made flesh.

Jesus, at the Cross, became food for all of us. Let Him be our wisdom, health, redemption, deliverance, stability and faith. Let Him be our light. In Christ, all things are possible. When Christ is in us and when we are conscious of Him, we are held together.

How do we feed on Jesus? There is no nourishment in our love for God. The nourishment comes from the Lord's love for us.

Lord Jesus, thank You for loving me. You love me and You died for me. When I feed on Your love for me, I experience Your power. Because You love me, Your power will supply all the needs in my life. Your power is on control of the situation.

We should not put our faith in God's love for us based on circumstances. Even when things are going wrong and we are going through a trial, we still thank God that He loves us. We do not know what is going on and we do not understand how our life has made such a turn but Jesus is in control.

Do not bother with other people's opinion of us. Other people's good opinion of us is nice but not necessary.

Regardless of what happens, I thank the Lord for loving me. Your power is in control of the situation and defending me. My life has not been smooth sailing. I do not think that any of our lives are. More often than not, I encounter obstacles in my life. I know that these are the work of the devil. I reject the obstacles in Your name and I thank You for your immeasurable love for me. I am very humbled that You know me by name.

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