Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A picture speaks a thousand words

I was introduced to the world of Picasa Web Album by the 3 Musketeers on 27 July 2008.

All excited, I created several slideshows and added them to my posts of 26 July 2008 and 27 July 2008. This is so fun and addictive! Goodness me. I can feel the excitement.

Black Ninja has advised me that it is possible to add captions to the photographs in the slideshow that we create using Picasa Web Album. However, being a rookie, I have decided to take one step at a time.

I have also changed my general slideshow situated at the right hand column of my blog to the one that I created using Picasa Web Album. I did not realise as I kept uploading photographs that I added a total of about 100 photographs as a start! And as you can see, I have so far only added photographs of the most handsome Jack Russell Terrier in the world. He has a smooth white coat with no markings on his body. The brown and white markings on his face are evenly distributed. And he is the most "manja" dog around. He loves to be at the centre of everyone's attention. When he is feeling left out of a conversion, he will whine to let you know. You cannot help but fall in love with him.

In view of this, the slideshow that I created using Mom Blogger Club is now redundant. Rather than to waste it, I have embeded it in today's post.

Enjoy the photographs, my friends.


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