Wednesday, July 16, 2008

He ain't heavy, he's my brother

Surprise, surprise!

I was trying to look busy at work (I was actually doing some research on the internet for a file that I was handling. How nice to take a break from paperwork!) when my secretary came to my room and said that my brother is at our reception counter. I looked up in surprise. "Brother?", I said. I was not sure whether the receptionist was joking. I have 2 biological brothers but there are several guys whom I call "brother". As such, I was not sure whether it was my biological brother or one of my "brothers".

I left my room and went to the reception counter. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw my younger brother smiling at me. He told me that he happened to be in the vicinity and took a chance by coming to my office, intending to ask me out for lunch!

Of course I was available. Who would forego a free lunch?

As my brother is not familiar with my office area, I suggested either the nearby hawker centre or the nearby Hans. In my heart, I was chanting, "Hans, Hans, Hans". He shrugged and said, "Anything.". How typical of guys. Sigh. As such, without further ado, I led the way to Hans (where else?).

We ordered a set lunch each. My brother ordered the pork chop whereas I ordered the Alfredo linguini with ham. He seemed to enjoy his pork chop. As for me, I thought that there was too much ham in my spaghetti dish. I could not finish my lunch. The garlic bread was rather oily as well. I could have made nicer garlic bread with my homemade garlic spread. Ahem!

Come to think of it, this is the 1st time that I am having lunch alone with my brother. The other times when we have eaten together, it has always been with family. I didn't realise that we had so much to chat! When you eat with family, it's usually "family talk". Today, we were rather intellectual and discussed the current market conditions, etc. Fascinating!

All too soon, we felt the pressure to finish up quickly and leave as there were other customers standing around, probably waiting to place their packets of tissue paper on our table. We ate our dessert (a slice of watermelon each) and left. I showed my brother the way back to SGX Centre and we parted ways for the day.

Brother, I had a wonderful lunch with you today. Thanks for the treat! Let's do this again soon.

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