Wednesday, October 14, 2009

weeknight feast

FIL and MIL visited us at our home this evening.

As such, Da bought some dinner from the Kallang Airport hawker centre on our way home from work. This hawker centre has been around for years and it recently underwent renovation. I am happy that after the renovation, many of our regular stalls have returned. Unfortunately, there used to be a stall selling claypot food whose stallholders have decided to ply their trade elsewhere.

FIL ate beef mui fun. I ate two slices of the beef. Although it was tender, I must admit that I prefer the beef at our favourite coffee shop at Jalan Tua Kong.

MIL ate fried char kway teow. I did not sample this as I was told that it contained a lot of chilli.

Da ordered steamed white rice with spicy pork slices. Again, I think that nothing beats the spicy pork cubes fried rice sold at our favourite coffee shop at Jalan Tua Kong. (Yes, I am biased but seriously, their food is much nicer!)

I ate mee goreng. I found it a little spicy and MIL was happy to eat my prawns. Nowadays, I find that I do not fancy eating prawns. Perhaps it is due to the fact that many a time, the prawns that are served with our dishes at hawker stalls / coffee shops are not very fresh and I have developed a phobia for the "mi mi" taste of the prawns. As such, I avoid eating prawns nowadays.

After dinner, we ate some pineapple tarts that I bought from a shop today at the Tanjong Pagar MRT station. The last time that I bought pineapple tarts from this shop was probably about two years ago. MIL liked the pineapple tarts and found them very fresh.

We also ate some mooncakes to end the meal.

FIL updated us on the health status of FIL's father. Ah Kong is 99 years of age this year and he was recently admitted to hospital for an ailment. He does not have any known medical problems except perhaps "selective memory loss". Ah... the elderly tend to develop this "condition" especially when they are told things that they do not like to hear. *grin* The good news is that Ah Kong is much better now. How faithful God is! He promised us in Psalm 91 that with long life He will satisfy us and show us His Jesus. Amen!


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