Tuesday, October 13, 2009

otah toasties

I love Muar otah-otah (also known as otak-otak). It is so versatile!

I have baked it, steamed it, made otah bergedel, baked otah casserole... the varieties are endless!

This evening, I decided to prepare otah toasties for dinner. We have a Philips sandwich maker and as such, all we need to do is to fill the sliced bread with filling and we have a ready meal.

To keep matters simple, I used otah and sliced cheese as the filling.

The frozen otah was microwaved for 3 minutes before I added it to the sandwich.

As such, in less than 15 minutes, dinner was ready on the table for our consumption.

We enjoyed our otah toasties with a steaming hot mug of English tea with milk.

If you do not own a sandwich maker, I would encourage you to get one. It is easy to use and you can prepare a meal of toasted sandwiches in less than 15 minutes.


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