Tuesday, October 6, 2009

late dinner

When I came home late from a night meeting at work, FIL and MIL were at our home, having their dinner with Da.

MIL had heated up the ABC soup that my mother had cooked yesterday.

Da's paternal grandfather's maid (PL) had cooked some beef rendang. It looked sedap*!

(* delicious)

MIL had cooked a pot of chicken stew.

The stew was hearty and the evidence of satisfied diners was clear to see.

As it was late, I had a bowl of the ABC soup with a little of the rest of the food.

For dessert, MIL had given us some walnut mooncakes. It tasted interesting.

We also ate some green tea and red bean mooncake that Da's colleague gave him.

Da had bought a packet of Japanese snacks for his parents. He also bought a packet for ourselves and I emptied our packet onto a bowl for FIL and MIL to enjoy.

Hi MIL, I heard that one of your specialities is beef stew. I would love to try some soon... hint! hint!


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