Monday, October 19, 2009

MIL's fried rice vermicelli (bee hoon)

FIL, MIL, my mother, Da and I had dinner at our home today. MIL had fried rice vermicelli and brought it to our home for dinner.

As I ate the rice vermicelli, I told FIL that I remember the first time that I ate MIL's rice vermicelli. That was sometime in 1995. At that time, MIL added a lot of pepper to give her rice vermicelli flavour. As I do not like white pepper, I found it difficult to eat her rice vermicelli.

Over the years, as wine improves with age, so does MIL's skill at frying rice vermicelli. She now boils chicken bones or prawn shells and uses the stock to fry her rice vermicelli. As a result, it is now difficult to resist a second helping!

MIL also brought three types of chilli.

Wow... FIL, my mother and Da had a wonderful time eating the rice vermicelli with chilli! I do not eat chilli and I regretfully declined.


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