Sunday, October 18, 2009

family dinner

Da and I invited my family to our home for dinner today.

As my brother (LB) and his wife (MF) were still down with flu, they decided to take a rain-check.

The rest of my family members came to our home for dinner, namely, my mother, my brother (LG), LG's girlfriend (ZT) and Boy-Boy.

I boiled some linguine to be eaten with the clam chowder stew that I cooked.

I also baked some garlic bread using homemade garlic spread.

I also concocted a dragon fruit and banana smoothie. It was soothing and refreshing! My mother and LG went to second helpings.

Here is the dinner spread. Yesterday, MIL gave us a pot of beef stew that she cooked and I heated it up for the dinner today.

Boy-Boy loves beef and as a treat, LG gave him some linguine noodles with beef stew.

Our little darling certainly enjoyed his dinner.

Yup... tongue-licking good. Boy-Boy cleaned up the entire plate!

As Boy-Boy was still hungry, ZT prepared a second helping for Boy-Boy.

Do you see our little sweetie standing at attention while waiting for his second helping?

The second helping was finished by Boy-Boy in no time as well.

After a satisfying dinner, Boy-Boy rested in the arms of his daddy.

Boy-Boy was such a happy boy after his dinner that he fell asleep on the sofa.


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