Friday, October 16, 2009

I call it "porridge"... you call it "congee"

Da and I had a simple dinner today.

Well, it was simple and yet very satisfying.

We bought some Thai-style toufu from the porridge stall at Kallang Airport hawker centre. I found the Thai-style sauce a little spicy but the toufu was very soft.

We also shared some deep fried "hae cho" (prawn rolls). This is a typical teochew dish and I like it a lot (even thought I am not a "teochew ah nia").

Da had century egg porridge.

Mine was chicken porridge with egg. I could only finish half of the porridge.

Each order of porridge comes with one "yew char kueh" (which is a type of deep fried dough fritter).

I am so happy that it is a friday today. I look forward to a wonderful weekend. Have a great weekend yourself!

By the way, BD is feeling under the weather today. Get well soon, BD!


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