Friday, October 2, 2009

burgers and... sushi?

East meets West... West meets East. Aiyah... just enjoy the food!

We had an interesting dinner today. MIL had bought some food and brought them to our home for dinner.

MIL bought some burgers from McDonalds for FIL, Da and me. FIL had a spicy chicken burger whereas Da and I had a fish burger each.

MIL also bought several pieces of sushi. Yummy - I love sushi!

MIL also bought some char siew pau. It did not taste as nice as the char siew pau that she previously bought from the dim sum stall at the Marine Parade hawker centre. I also like the char siew pau from the dim sum stall at Eminent Plaza (the hawker centre located along Lavender Street).

Ta-da! Our dinner spread... it was an interesting mix of western and asian food.

For dessert, we ate some mooncake as well as the rainbow cake (that I had baked today).


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