Saturday, October 3, 2009

chicken, duck, pork... you name it, we ordered it!

FIL and MIL came to our home for lunch today. As I did not have time to cook lunch, they brought their own lunch. At the same time, Da happened to buy lunch for the two of us as well.

When we opened up the lunch packets, we had a good laugh. By coincidence, MIL and Da had bought similar types of food for lunch!

As an appetiser, we shared an unopened container of salad that MIL had given us last night. The salad dressing is a Japanese salad dressing that contains peanuts.

FIL ate steamed white chicken with chicken liver.

MIL ate roast pork with char siew.

Da ate the same thing as MIL (but ordered from a different stall).

Da bought for me a packet of roast duck rice.

MIL also bought some cuttlefish kang kong to be shared. As I do not eat cuttlefish nor kangkong and I do not eat chilli, I declined to partake of this dish.

Ta-da! This was our lunch spread.

I had done some baking today. I usually bake a loaf of bread either on saturdays or sundays.

I also baked some peanut butter buns today.

During tea-time, we ate some macadamia mooncake that MIL was given.

FIL and MIL stayed till late at night. When nightfall came, Da brought his parents out to dinner. I did not join them as I was tired. For my dinner, Da bought a packet of stir-fried rice vermicelli.


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