Sunday, October 11, 2009

simple sunday

We had a quite sunday today. It is moments like this that I often get reflective and think about life.

I had a lovely chit-chat with two of the three handsome boys who live opposite us in our apartment block today. The eldest boy is in Kindergarden 2, the middle boy is in Nursery 2 whereas the youngest boy is in Nursery 1. The three of them speak very well.

KY (the eldest boy) told me about the kindergarten that he attends. When I asked him where it was, he told me that they have many outlets but he attends the Katong branch. He also told me that after school, the school bus will alight him at his grandparents' home. When he mentioned where his grandparents live, I replied that my mother lives near his grandparents. "How near?", he asked. I thought it may be a little complicated if I were to explain that my mother lives in the near vicinity so to simplify matters, I merely said, "Opposite your grandparents". Immediately, he named a development that is indeed opposite his grandparents' development. Goodness me... children nowadays grow up so fast.

The three boys are eloquent and they hold a conversation well. When the eldest boy mentioned the name of his kindergarden (which sounds similar to "MRT"), the youngest boy (KH) piped in and announced, "I take the MRT to school". Gosh, he stumped me with his ability to form such a sentence when he is three going on four.

In the late morning, I decided to bake some coffee chocolate chip cookies.

As I intended to share the cookies with non-coffee drinkers, I decided not to add coffee emulco when I prepared the cookie dough. Instead, I added three-in-one white coffee (hazelnut flavour). If you want more oomph, you can add both!

For lunch, Da and I shared a bowl of yong tauhu, two deep fried spring rolls and some broccoli and ham bread casserole (that I baked yesterday evening). It was a simple lunch but very enjoyable.

In the late afternoon, I busied myself uploading photographs from my digital camera to my computer and my blogs. Gosh, this was quite time-consuming but I had a lot of fun.

By the time I was done, it was too late to cook dinner. As such, we had a simple dinner of re-heated slices of pizza and some cocktail sausages that were leftover from last night's dinner. We had over-ordered the pizzas last night and we ended up with many slices of pizzas leftover.

This year, we did not have to buy any mooncakes as we received mooncakes from several people. My favourite mooncake is the one with lotus filling and double yolk. (hint, hint to those who intend to buy me moncakes next year!)

Our after-dinner drinks were accompanied by one slice of Nutella marble cake (which I baked yesterday) and half a black sesame bun (see photograph below) that our friend SC bought from a confectionery in Wheelock Place yesterday and gave to us.

It is LSD's birthday today. Happy birthday, sweet sister!


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