Sunday, October 4, 2009

quiet sunday

It was a quiet sunday today.

For lunch, Da went to our favourite coffee shop at Jalan Tua Kong and ordered some "take-out". He ordered a packet of chicken fried rice.

He also ordered a packet of steamed white rice with some stir-fried ingredients.
For some variety, we shared the two packets of lunch.

In the late afternoon, I decided to try my hand at baking a ham and bacon quiche. This is my first attempt at baking quiche.

As it turned out, the quiche was quite nice, if I may say so! However, each slice was very substantial. As such, Tian Bao, it is true that we ended up eating only 1/4 of the quiche! *grin*

I am inspired to try other types of quiche. I have ever eaten the chicken quiche at Starbucks and I like it. Hmm... maybe I can try baking chicken quiche next...


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