Monday, July 27, 2009

The young lady chef

A young lady chef served up a scrumptious dinner today at my mother's home. She is none other than ZT (girlfriend of my brother, LG).

When Da and I arrived at my mother's home, we could smell the delicious aroma of food waffling from the kitchen.

As I stepped into the kitchen, I saw finger food baking in the oven.

A pot of spaghetti noodles with sliced button mushrooms and cut young corn was boiling over the stove.

The lady chef ensured that the spaghetti was al dente before she ladled out the noodles, mushrooms and corn.

She then cooked some clam chowder before adding the clam chowder to the noodles.

Ta-da! Dinner is served!

Add some freshly ground black peppercorn and sprinkle some bacon bits, and you are ready to enjoy your pasta.

The lady chef has perfected the art of baking finger food in the oven. The baked finger food is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Delizioso!

Boy-Boy had his rice dinner in his bowl but he ignored his food and waited at the dinner table for some treats. He was rewarded for his patience when ZT gave him some cuttlefish balls.

Boy-Boy was in the mood for a w-a-l-k (shh... I cannot say the word out loud else our little rascal will run to the main door in anticipation of going on his w-a-l-k) but it had just rained and the ground was wet. As such, we had to harden our hearts and ignore the meaningful looks that Boy-Boy gave us. Sorry, darling, no w-a-l-k for you today. Let us see how the weather is like tomorrow, okay?


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