Monday, July 20, 2009

Trust the inner voice

Praise the Lord for He will always make sure that good things (and good bargains!) come to His children!

Last week, a colleague gave me a glass mug of hot tea to drink. She had been given some jasmine tea leaves as a gift and she thoughtfully brewed the tea leaves in the glass mug for me to enjoy the rich aroma of the tea. I am not a big fan of jasmine tea (as I prefer iron buddha tea) but the tea that my colleague gave me was indeed very flavourful.

The glass mug that she lent me is the type that has an inner glass container where you can place the tea leaves. The lid of the mug can be turned over and used as a base to place the inner glass container.

I liked the mug and hence, the next morning, I asked her where she bought the mug from. She said that she would help me buy the mug.

The day after, she informed me that she went to the shop but the glass mug (which she purchased recently for S$25) was out of stock. The next shipment was expected in six months' time or so. The shop sold an alternative glass mug and an alternative glass teapot, both of which cost between S$35 to S$45.

Initially, I requested her to help me purchase the glass teapot as I did not fancy the design of the alternative glass mug that she described.

On saturday (18 July 2009), she sent me a text message in the morning to inform me that she would help me buy the glass teapot after her church service on sunday (19 July 2009).

As the day progressed, for some reason, I did not feel the peace about proceeding with the purchase of the glass teapot. As such, I sent her a text message to inform her that I can wait for the next shipment of the glass mug to arrive at the shop.

Guess what? On sunday (19 July 2009), she sent me a text message to inform me that after church, she happened to go shopping at Orchard Road and she came across the same glass mug in a department store.

Best of all, the mug was on sale in this department store and it cost S$14.90! When she purchased the glass mug from the other shop recently, she paid around S$25.

How good is this? I did not know then what made me change my mind about proceeding with the purchase of the glass teapot but now I know. The Lord loves me so much that He spoke to me with an inner voice and advised me to wait. Little did I know that He planned a better surprise for me as I trusted the inner voice. Not only did the glass mug appear on my table this morning, it cost less than what my colleague paid for her glass mug! Hallelujah!

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Anonymous said...

waiting is not a natural "virtue"... especially for me but time and time again the Lord has shown me "glass mug" situations.


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