Thursday, July 23, 2009

A worry-free life

We need to take control of our lives. Do not worry and do not be afraid. We should not be ignorant of the devil's devices but we should not let these devices control us. One of the devil's favourite devices is to get us to be worried and afraid. However, we have been given the power of sound mind. We have might and power. The devil has no authority over us unless we allow the devil to.

Jesus came and defeated the devil. If we stand up to the devil, he will flee. Speak the Word of God to the devil and he will back down and back away. Resist the devil and he will flee from us (James 4:7). I am in Christ. I have the upper hand. I have the authority. The devil does not have any control!

We have to be alert else the enemy will come and take us by surprise (1 Peter 5:7-9). God wants us to have a life that is full of joy and happiness. He wants us to have a wonderful life and have it more abundantly. How can we have an abundant life if we do not pay attention and end up getting devoured by the enemy? So be alert and pay attention. The enemy will not be able to do anything to us because we know the Word of God.

Cast all our cares on Him. It is a two-way street with God (Psalms 55:22). We cast our cares on Him and He will take care of us. When Jesus went to the Cross, God took care of everything. We have to take care of our responsibility and cast our cares on Him. We do not have to go through life burdened and upset. We can go through life worry-free and burden-free. All we have to do is to cast our cares on Him.

We have the Word of God. God talks to us in the Bible. He is telling us that we do not have to be afraid and we can live worry-free. As long as we are in Christ, He will take care of everything (Acts 27:22-23). I do not know how it is going to happen but I believe in God and I trust Him.

God is the same yesterday, today and forever. We have authority over the devil. It is time for use to rise up and live a worry-free life. This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice in it. We are somebody going somewhere to rain on the devil's parade!

We cannot live a worry-free life if we do not learn how to forgive and forget (Mark 11:23-26). I know from personal experience that it is not easy to do this but we have to try. God did everything and took care of everything when He sent Jesus to die for us at the Cross. He has already taken care of our problems, our sins and our sicknesses. It is up to us to take advantage of everything that God says already belongs to us as children of God.

Each individual is required to walk with God and make decisions individually. Let us learn how to pray for ourselves because no one cares for you like you do.

Faith and fear / worry cannot exist together. It is like light and dark. We have to make up our minds whether to walk in faith and live worry-free lives or live the other way. We have to casts our every though that is contrary to what the Word of God says. Such thoughts that are contrary to the Word of God do not amount to anything. I am not going to do anything about my problems. I turn my problems over to God and He will make my miracles happen. I do not know how it is going to happen but God does. God said, I believe that God said what He meant and that He meant what He said, and that settles it. God said that by Jesus' stripes, I am healed. God said that He has taken care of my health and finances. As He has said, so it shall come to pass in my life.

When we worry, we are not reigning in life and God wants us to reign in life (Romans 5:17). We need to relax. We do not even have to be concerned with how the breakthrough is going to happen. God has taken care of it. The devil is a defeated foe.

Lord, I cast my cares on You. I resolve to live a worry-free life. I am going to heaven and I am going to live a worry-free life on earth in the meantime.

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