Friday, July 24, 2009

Just the three of us

Da and I had dinner with my mother today. My brother (LG) would be home late today. LG's girlfriend (ZT) is working the night shift today and would finish work at 7 am tomorrow.

The three of us went to Kallang Airport hawker centre for dinner. As it was already past 9 pm, many of the stalls had already closed for the day. Despite this, the hawker centre was bustling with activity. Most of the tables were occupied. Gosh, Singaporeans do eat at anytime of the day. We live to eat!

My mother ordered a plate of fried kway teow. I know, it is sinfully unhealthy but oh-so-delicious.

Da ordered a plate of stir-fried beef with steamed white rice.

I was undecided what to order. The problem when I am undecided is that I often end up ordering something that I later regret, which is what happened today. I ordered a beef mui fun and I have to say that the mui fun sold at Han's Cafe and Cake House is much nicer.

I also ordered a plate of fried carrot cake to be shared. The verdict? Sigh... the fried carrot cake sold at the coffee shop near my grandmother's home in Muar, Malaysia is more appetising.

The after-dinner drinks were more satisfying. We ordered hot tea and iced tea from stall no. 62. My mother prefers their tea to their coffee.

After dinner, we adjourned to my mother's home. When we arrived, Boy-Boy gave his usual Academy-Award winning performance entitled "How could you leave me alone at home?". Not to worry - after a few hugs and kisses (for Boy-Boy, that is), he was a happy jack russell terrier again and he contentedly lay down under the dining table while we watched some television.

As Da has to work tomorrow, we left my mother's home shortly after 11 pm.

On the way home, my mind was on the topic of home-made ice cream. Da saw my pensive look and asked what was on my mind. I told him that I was thinking of making some ice cream using coffee emulco and chocolate cream cookies. Da had recently bought an ice cream maker for me and I have been having fun using it.

Ta-da! Ice cream making in process....

The ice cream can only be eaten tomorrow as it would need to be frozen for at least eight hours.

In the meantime, I scooped some kiwifruit frozen yoghurt that I made a few days ago and shared the frozen yoghurt with Da. Bon appetit!


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