Friday, July 31, 2009

Random shots

Okay, okay... I admit that I took some photographs using my Panasonic Lumix digital camera yesterday and today, and I want to "show off" the photographs in this post!

Yesterday evening, I received a text message from ZT (girlfriend of my brother, LG) asking me whether Da and I would be going to my mother's home for dinner. I replied to inform her that Da and I would be working late but if they are cooking dinner, to save some food for us. After checking with the Grand Lady Chef (ZT's and my latest nickname for my mother), ZT informed me that my mother would be cooking fried rice for dinner.

Hi GP, I know that you like fried rice. Remember I told you this evening about curry power? Well, my mother added curry power to her fried rice last night.

This afternoon, my colleague and I attended a meeting outside the office. When we entered the building from the car park and took a lift to Level 1 to have a quick lunch at the food court, we were amused to see this:-

No, my colleague and I did not make a quick detour to the karaoke lounge after the meeting, much to our regret! However, we did detour to a shop nearby that specialises in soya bean drinks. I bought a hot soya bean drink each for my colleague and myself. I also bought some piping hot Portuguese egg tarts for my staff and an extra portion for my family.

This evening, my brother (LB) called me. He was at my mother's home and she was frying rice vermicelli (bee hoon). Fried rice vermicelli is one of my mother's specialities and as such, I asked him to request my mother to fry an extra portion for Da and me. The fried rice vermicelli today was extra tasty because my mother added a can of chicken stock. Yummy!

Doesn't the dish in the photograph below look mouth watering? It tasted as good as it looked!

I have a friend's wedding dinner to attend tomorrow. It will be held at a resort on Sentosa. The dresscode stated in the wedding invitation card is "formal". Hmm... does "formal" mean that my evening gown has to reach the floor? Well, to "play safe", I rummaged through my wardrobe just now and pulled out a sleeveless full length blue satin gown. I have more elaborate evening gowns but I better not outshine the bride tomorrow.... *grin*

Have a restful weekend!


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