Sunday, July 19, 2009

Go west

My brother, LG showed off his culinary skills again today. Doesn't the photograph of our western dinner above look absolutely divine?

I woke up late this morning with a headache. I have been having this headache since Friday, 17 July 2009.

As it was too late to rush for the 11.30 am church service, Da and I met my mother, LG and LG's girlfriend (ZT) for lunch at our favourite coffee shop at Jalan Tua Kong. I brought along some of the anchovies cookies that I had baked yesterday to let the stallholders try. After all, I had used the fried anchovies (which we bought from one of the stallholders) as the main ingredient in the cookies.

We also brought a container of pounded chilli that Da's colleague had given him. The "zi char" stallholder took a whiff at the chilli and informed us that it contained more garlic than belacan. I do not eat chilli but the rest of my family who ate the chilli commented that it tasted very spicy on first try but as you get used to it, it sits well with your tongue.

After lunch (which ended late because the coffee shop was crowded and we had to wait a while for our food), Da and I proceed to church. It was past 3 pm by the time we arrived at the car park. Needless to say, we were not only late for the 2.30 pm church service, the car park was also extremely full. However, the Lord always provides and He made sure that a driver happened to approach her car just as we approached the section of the car park that we usually park. Better yet, when we arrived in church, the sermon had not yet started. Not only that, the communion had not been taken yet. How good is that? Despite the fact that we were late for church, Abba Father made sure that we did not miss out on the Lord's Supper and the sermon.

I am amazed that time and time again, the Lord answers queries that have been burning in my heart. Lately, I have been pondering on the topic of faith. Jesus said that if we have faith as small as a mustard seed, we can speak to the mountain and move it. If so, then why do we not see our miracles? The answer came in today's sermon, which centred on the topic of healing. The pastor said that the problem is not that of faith. When we are a child of God, He gives us the faith. The problem is doubt (condemnation). We pray to the Lord for healing and we have faith that God will heal us but many of us have a lingering doubt in our hearts, often due to erroneous doctrines and teachings that we have been exposed to since we were young. As such, let us have faith and do not doubt, and we will have whatever we say. Lord, continue to speak to me in every way possible. I want to hear Your voice and I seek Your guidance in every area of my life.

After church, Da and I went to Carrefour Supermarket where we did some grocery shopping. In particular, we bought some icing sugar and heavy cream to make ice cream using the ice cream maker that Da just bought me. I cannot wait to try out the ice cream maker!

Dinner was a western dinner at my mother's home. LG and ZT had marinated and baked some chicken wings and pork loin. LG also fried some eggs and back bacon. The sausages and mixed greens were boiled to perfection. Delicious, delicious, delicious!

Boy-Boy became excited when ZT took his bowl of rice and placed it on the dining table. He smelt something delicious. What was it?

ZT had cut a piece of bak kwa into small bite-sized pieces and mixed it into Boy-Boy's rice dinner as a treat for Boy-Boy.

After dinner, as promised, home made durian ice cream was served. This was made by me without the use of an ice cream maker. My mother must have enjoyed the ice cream because she went for a second helping!

Post-script: I went to church today with excitement in my heart. I knew that Jesus would touch me today and I would be healed of my headache. True enough, before the church service was over, the headache (which I have been suffering from since Friday, 17 July 2009) completely left me. Praise Your holy name, Lord. I thank You that You carried my sins and my sicknesses. It is finished!

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Daughter Of Sarah said...

God is awesome!! =D Praise God for healed headaches. I too was cured of a headache i had since kae accidentally punched my right eye in the morning lol.

I agree that Daddy has the best timing ever coz my God sis really really needed to hear this whole sermon that touched also on healing and dietary issues =) She was very ministered by what Pastor shared.

God is good all the time. Amen? =D

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