Sunday, October 5, 2008

Raise the banner

Every Word in the Bible is breathed by God.

The world is peripheral to the church. We are sealed by the Holy Spirit. Jesus is our kinsman redeemer. He is worthy. It was in the capacity of a lamb that He conquered as a lion.

The mother of all problems is wrong believing. When people believe right, they will live right. They may not live perfect lives, but they will believe right.

If there exists a problem, let us bring the words of God into it.

The God of Heaven will prosper us. Let us arise and build our church.

The fullness of Christ is the eagle, the ox, the man and the lion:-
(a) foresight of the eagle (prophetic vision) - gospel of John - the eagle conquers death
(b) untiring labour of the ox - gospel of Mark - the ox conquers terrorism / war
(c) intelligence of a man - gospel of Luke - man conquers famine / poverty
(d) boldness of the lion - gospel of Matthew - the lion conquers false doctrine

Everything that we do must revolve around the church. Everything is for God. Our lives revolve around the dwelling place / house of God.

When Jesus comes back, we do not need protection because there is nothing to protect. In the meantime, we need protection from the evil spirits (wind). Bailouts are temporary. We want permanent health.

Lift Jesus up as a standard / banner against the evil spirits.

We are blessed. We have the favour of God. It is the grace of God.

He took our place of no protection so that we can take His place of complete protection. He paid for us to be protected. He covers us and the enemy flees. The enemy sees Jesus and not us. We are not perfect. God covers us all over with love and Jesus. We are in Christ and we are protected in every side.

God is in the midst of us. As long as we focus on God, when the enemy comes against us and sees the banner / standard, the enemy flees. Do not turn around and face the world because you will face the 4 winds.

Do not be afraid. The world says "watch your back". Instead, we should face the tabernacle and let Jesus be glorified.

Christ is in the market. God does not want us to worry. All the blessings of God will come on us and overtake us.

By the blood of Jesus, we are protected from death.

We will be ruptured before the great tribulation. We will be forever healthy, wealthy and young.

By looking at the glory of Jesus, we will be transformed.

The fullness of Jesus will protect us in these end times. The Lord gives us wisdom. We are protected. The church is a safe place of refuge.

I want to know Jesus more in His fullness. God will guard me from behind. My competitors will not get the better of me because I focus on my Lord Jesus Christ.

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