Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy birthday, Da!

Today is Da's birthday. Happy birthday, Da! May the favour of the Lord be upon you always!

Unfortunately, Da had work to attend to today and was unable to take leave today. As he was running late for a meeting, he warmed up some bread buns in our oven and brought it to work for his breakfast.

My mother and I had a late breakfast. Mom ate nasi lemak that Da had bought for her.

I ate a chicken pau and a siew mai that Da and I bought from Hoe Kee Pau yesterday.

The hot beverage of the morning was coffee.

During lunchtime, I contacted Da and arranged to meet him for lunch at Han's Cafe & Cake House located at Springleaf Building. Lunch was on me since it was Da's special day today.

Da ordered stir-fried salmon with bell peppers. His dish was served with a plate of steamed white rice.

I ordered aglio olio linguine with chicken.

For the pasta, I topped up S$3 to make it a "meal". That meant that we were also entitled to a soup of the day, a hot drink and a dessert (in this case, a slice of watermelon).

PIL did not visit us today. As such, my mother, Da and I had a quiet dinner. My mother ate Hong Kong mee.

Da ate rice dumpling with a little Hong Kong mee.

I ate the same thing as Da.

My mother and Da could not resist eating their noodles with sambal belacan.

After dinner, we enjoyed the durian doh-doh that my brother (LB) and his wife (MF) had bought recently.

Da also took a peek at the mini-cake that Da's nieces (SCT and MAT) had given Da today. MAT had thoughtfully brought over the mini-cake while we were at work today. Thank you, girls!

My mother gave Da a birthday ang-pow for good luck before she went home.

Here are the birthday presents for Da from Princess and me.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dinner with PIL at Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant

It was a day filled with delicious food for us today.

We woke up late and decided to attend the 11.30 am church service instead of our usual 9 am church service. As such, we went to Qi Ji at Suntec Tower Two for an early brunch around 10+ am today.

Da ordered nasi lemak.

I ordered fried rice vermicelli with ingredients.

We shared a popiah.

As per our usual habit, we ordered one mug of hot tea and one mug of hot coffee.

After Princess' enrichment class, we went back to Qi Ji as it was time for Princess' next meal. She was very excited to see the Three Handsome Boys at a table nearby. They were with their parents for a meal and intended to go to Carrefour after that to buy Star Wars toys.

Da ordered mee siam.

I ordered steamed yam cake.

We also shared a soon kueh.

In the evening, we went to PIL's home. FIL has been feeling a little under the weather lately as he has been having pains on his shoulder. When we arrived, Princess looked uncertain to see her paternal grandfather with "tak-ko-yok" on his shoulders.

Despite his discomfort, for the sake of Princess, FIL very thoughtfully joined MIL and us for dinner at Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant at Eastwood Centre for dinner.

We ordered bitterhourd omelette.

The sliced fish fried with spring onions was very tasty.

I gave the black pepper venison a miss as I recall from past experience that it is very spicy.

The stir-fried broccoli was yummy!

When the restaurant staff brought over a plate of chopped garlic, everyone declined the garlic... except me. Yippee! All for me!

The pounded chilli served at this restaurant is popular.

With delicious pounded chilli being served, who would reach for the sliced red chilli?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Outing to Marina Square

I love it when public holidays fall on a friday. Even after the public holiday is over, we still have a long weekend ahead of us. Woo-hoo!

We woke up late today and decided to go to Marina Square for brunch today.

After walking around Marina Square, undecided what to eat, we proceeded to the food court on level 4. Da ordered a claypot toufu with a bowl of steamed white rice.

I ordered a claypot chicken rice.

Princess had a bowl of Nestle rice cereal with mixed vegetables. She was busy charming the cleaning staff at the food court.

For dessert, Da and I shared an ice jelly cocktail.

We also shared a cup of hot teh-si-siu-dai.

After some shopping, we went to Swensens for our tea break.

We ordered a mud pie.

We also ordered blended ice coffee with oreos.

Princess walked unaided for the first time this evening! She had been taking unaided baby steps recently but this evening, she took many steps. We had to keep asking her to slow down as she was having so much fun that she even started to run a little.

We did not feel like eating out and as such, I heated up some leftovers for our dinner.

If you think that our dinner looked yummy, here is our dessert!

Not to mention a mug of hot coffee, of course.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Excursion to Henderson Waves and Hort Park and dim sum lunch at Dragon Gate Restaurant

Here is another excuse to showcase the photographs taken using my Sony Cybershot digital camera.

We went with GIC, WC and SC for an excursion to Henderson Waves and Hort Park followed by dim sum lunch at Dragon Gate Restaurant (at HarbourFront Centre) today.

First stop... Henderson Waves at Telok Blangah.

We had previously gone on a Henderson Waves walk with WC and SC (last year, I think). This time, GIC and Princess joined us as well.

We then adjourned to Hort Park located near the old Gillman Heights Condominium (now known as Interlace).

This was our first visit to the Hort Park.

By mid-morning, we were all feeling peckish.

We decided to have brunch and we went to Dragon Gate Restaurant at HarbourFront Centre for dim sum buffet.

When we reached home in the afternoon, I felt like having a snack during teatime. As such, Da and I ate a mini-doughnut each (from Chewy Junior) that WC and SC had given us today.

We did not feel like going out for dinner today.

As such, I rummaged through our refrigerator and heated up some leftovers.

I also warmed up two Gardenia dinner rolls.

Da ate his dinner roll with kaya.

I ate my dinner roll with kaya and peanut butter.

Happy Vesak Day to all my Buddhist friends, relatives and loved ones!
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