Friday, September 12, 2008

One dish meal

For the uninitiated, the building located at 8 Shenton Way is formerly known as Temasek Tower (and prior to that, known as Treasury Building). The building currently has no name, so I'm told.

Located at the basement level of the building are several cafes. You can find the usual tenants such as Starbucks, Aromas Cafe, etc.

The cafe that I would like to recommend is the cafe located at the corner (ie. Starbucks is located at one corner and this cafe is located at the other corner).

During lunchtime, the cafe would sell what is locally known as "one dish meals". Basically, you can find the carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, etc all on a plate. In most cases, this would mean, for example, yellow rice with a fried egg and lemon chicken.

Alternatively, if you eat beef, they have a lovely dish with steamed rice, fried egg, fried cabbage and braised beef cubes. The beef is very tender and delicious.

If beef is not your cup of tea, perhaps you may like to sample their steamed rice, fried egg, fried cabbage and braised pork. The pork is as tender as the beef.

They also sell steamed rice, fried egg and fried chicken fillet with black-pepper sauce. The black-pepper sauce is not too spicy.

If you feel a bit more adventurous, do try their steamed rice, fried egg and curry chicken. The chicken pieces are generally boneless. For a non-chilli eater like myself, I find that the curry is not too spicy.

For lovers of Thai food, you may like to try the steamed rice, fried egg and Thai-style chicken.

The portion of rice is quite large, so if you do not want to eat so much rice, you may like to request for less rice.

Each meal costs about S$4 to S$5. For S$1.50 more, you get a choice of hot / cold Jasmine green tea or red tea.

The tea is served in quite a large plastic cup, so you may want to share the drink with a friend / loved one (in other words, "one meal, one no meal").

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