Saturday, September 27, 2008

Excursion and housewarming

Gosh! I feel as though I just went on a whirlwind tour around Singapore today!

My schedule was certainly very packed today. It is no wonder that I am totally exhausted now!

The day started off with breakfast with Da at the Amoy Street Food Centre. It seems that not many stalls are open for business on saturdays. Da ate chee cheong fun and glutinous rice while I had my usual breakfast beehoon. (tsk! I can visualise a certain girl shaking her head and admonishing me for selecting such an unhealthy breakfast.)

As we were early, Da and I had time to chat (usually we rush through our breakfast during the working week) before, yes, you guessed it, I realised that I was late for my next appointment. So mwah! mwah! Off I was to my next destination. I rushed to the MRT station and boarded the train to City Hall MRT station. I had a 9.30 am appointment at the beauty salon for another treatment for my water retention problem. Before I boarded the MRT train, I bought some pancakes from Jolli Pancake for the beauty salon girls. They are a friendly group of people and their lady boss is a very nice person. She and her husband are from Hong Kong but have lived in Singapore for many years. Her sister owns several beauty salon in Hong Kong. (If you need a referral for a facial or other body treatment, do let me know. I would be happy to recommend my beautician.)

After I left the beauty salon, I made my way to Ah Teng's Bakery at Raffles Hotel to meet Da. As BH had correctly guessed, it was "library book expiry day". Whenever we borrow books from our public library, the loan period is 3 weeks (except for magazines - the loan period for magazines is 2 weeks). It was time for me to return the library books that I had borrowed 3 weeks ago and borrow some more books.

Da's and my usual meeting place on "library book expiry day" is outside Ah Teng's Bakery at Raffles Hotel. This is because we would usually eat at one of the coffee shops along Purvis Street which is located between Raffles Hotel and the library.

As we walked through the hotel and exited the front entrance of the hotel, we saw some new Fiat cars parked at the entrance to the hotel. It seems that these are limited edition Fiat cars specially designed to commemorate the Formula 1 race in Singapore.

Da and I were undecided as to where to have our lunch, so we ended up at Chin Chin Eating House along Purvis Street. They sell Hainanese food.

As we had in mind to have our tea-time immediately after lunch (and before we went to the library), we decided to order 2 dishes only at Chin Chin. The last time that we were at Chin Chin, we were thinking of trying the Curry Fish Head at our next visit. However, considering the fact that we had a housewarming party to attend later in the evening, we settled for the claypot mutton stew and the stir-fried bittergourd with ginger. The meal came with 2 complimentary bowls of soup. We declined to order drinks as we had in mind to "pop over next door" for drinks....

Next door? Yes, you guessed it right. Next door is none other than Y Y Kafei Dian. They also sell Hainanese cuisine. Usually, Da and I would alternate between Y Y and Chin Chin whenever we have lunch along Purvis Street.

We chose a comfortable spot in Y Y where we could enjoy the breeze and also "people-watch". No prizes for guessing what we ordered. Yes, the usual - coffee, tea, doughnut and toasted bread bun with peanut butter. As I was busy taking photographs of the drinks and food, one of the waitresses approached me with a smile and asked me whether I was taking the photographs to be posted somewhere. I smiled vaguely and told her that the photographs will be posted on the internet. Satisfied, she smiled and walked away. Goodness me! She must have thought that I am a food reporter!

After the "tea time", we adjourned to OG Department Store at Albert Complex where I put my new OG card (thanks, GML!) to good use and bought 2 sets of bedsheet set for the friend whose housewarming we would be attending in the evening.

After we left OG Department Store and made our way to the National Library, we chanced upon what looked like a church. Upon closer inspection, indeed the building used to be a church but is now a Sculpture Square.

There are many lovely sculptures outside the building. I could not resist taking photographs of the sculptures.

As we were approaching the National Library, I whined to Da that I was thirsty. I think that there was a lot of monosodium glutamate in the food that we had for lunch. As such, we stopped by the McDonalds opposite Raffles Hotel (yes, you can tell that we have been going round in circles the whole afternoon) where we ordered a large coca-cola. My feet were tired so we tried to look for an empty table. Goodness me! The place was full of students! These students ordered, say, a drink each and then sit there the whole day purportedly discussing school projects. Their books were opened up at the table but they were clearly gossiping and chatting instead of studying. I do not understand how they can study with all that noise.

After a quick trip to the National Library where I left a very happy girl (with my arms full of novels) and we made our way to the housewarming. The place was very crowded! The new homeowner has many relatives and the relatives helped to cook the food that you see in the photograph below.

Everyone at the housewarming had a great time of eating, fellowship and bonding. Naturally, I was busy taking photographs of... the food! What else?

After the housewarming, Da and I adjourned to the home of the Three Musketeers to watch the Formula One qualifying race. It was exhilarating! During the practice rounds, Lewis Hamilton was first. Whoever won the qualifying race would get 1st placing in the actual race scheduled for tomorrow night.

It was a close fight between Massa and Hamilton. Generally, Massa was leading. However, at one point, Hamilton overtook Massa. I thought that Hamilton would win the qualifying race. However, Massa fought back and he won! I look forward to watching the actual race tomorrow night.

No entertainment time would be complete at The Three Musketeers' home without after dinner snacks to fatten everyone up. Tiki had brewed chrysanthemum tea with sugar and wolfberry - the drink was very refreshing.

We also ate some swiss rolls that I had ordered. I had given some at the housewarming and some went to The Three Musketeers. If the photograph below looks tempting, let me tell you what flavours I ordered - durian, mango, blueberry and coffee. Delicious!

On the English Premier League front, Manchester United was playing against Bolton.

Manchester United won the match 2-0. However, I was a bit skeptical about the 1st goal by Ronaldo. It was a penalty that was awarded to Manchester United when Ronaldo was tripped in the penalty box. I have no doubt that Ronaldo was tripped. However, I felt that he may have exaggerated the fall. Who knows? The fact is that the Red Devils won and got another 3 points. Yeah!

It was certainly an exhausting day. We made so many pits stops but we had so much fun!

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