Tuesday, November 3, 2009

roast meat at Bedok Interchange hawker centre

In the old days.... when I was in secondary school, my school was diagonally opposite the Bedok Interchange. The school has since moved to premises nearer my in-laws' place but the Bedok Interchange has remained.

I remember that my friends and I used to go to the hawker centre at the Bedok Interchange after school and order "ice jelly cocktail" from the dessert stall.

Today, MIL recommended another stall at the hawker centre. This roast meat stall is one of her favourites.

Da and I shared a packet of char siew and roast pork rice that MIL bought for us. I found both meats very tender although I would have preferred that the roast pork be more lean.

MIL also bought a packet of roast duck rice for us. While I was pleased to discover that the duck meat was tender, I have to admit that I was not that keen on the dish because I do not like thigh meat (whether it be chicken or duck). I prefer the part of the chicken / duck that many diners do not fancy because the meat is not as juicy. While some people eat the part that I prefer because it is more healthy, my reason for eating it is because I do not like the "juicy" taste of the other parts of the chicken / duck.

What other treasures can be found at the Bedok Interchange hawker centre? Do pay it a visit and enjoy the wide variety of food there.


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