Sunday, November 8, 2009

I am an Aunt again!

It was a quiet sunday for us today.

After the sleepover by Da's niece, MAT for the past two days, I was still in a baking mood today.

I started by baking some blueberry yoghurt muffins.

Thereafter, I baked cheesy corn muffins. This was the first time that I baked savoury muffins and I am so pleased with the results. It was a big leap of faith (in myself, that is!) for me because I baked the muffins "by feel" (that is, without an available recipe). I have reached the stage in my baking journey where I feel comfortable creating my own recipes or improvising recipes that I come across.

Lunch time! Da bought some rice with ingredients for me from our favourite coffee shop at Jalan Tua Kong.

For himself, Da ordered a packet of chicken fried rice from the same coffee shop.

During teatime, I saw the eldest of the three handsome boys who live opposite us in our apartment block, playing with some toys at his main door. As such, I packed some homemade goodies for the three boys. Other than the muffins, I also included some chocolate chip bars (which MAT baked yesterday) and some oat and pumpkin seed cookies (which I baked yesterday).

As we did not buy any bread today, I decided to bake some bread buns for the week ahead. We have a convection oven which comes in handy to toast the bread buns for breakfast during weekdays before we leave for work.

As we had a little bit of Nutella hazelnut spread left, I baked some Nutella bread rolls.

I found a small can of Ayam brand laksa tuna in our larder and I used the tuna to bake tuna buns.

Yesterday, MAT baked clam chowder buns. I baked something similar today but using a different bread dough recipe.

Last but not least, I baked some cheese buns using sliced cheddar cheese.

We received exciting news this afternoon. PJ (my cousin in Melbourne, Australia) has just given birth to a baby boy this afternoon! Congratulations, cousin! Enjoy the journey! When you look at your precious gift, you will realise that at the end of the day, nothing else matters. No matter how tired you are or how stressed you are, you will always be able to muster up a smile for your darling son and be there for him.


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wow you were really in a baking mood ah.....


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