Wednesday, November 25, 2009

foray into vegetarian baking

My friend, Hamtaro and her two sons (Eddy and Eddie) came to our home for lunch today as I was on leave. Last night, Hamtaro informed me that her sons will be cooking vegetarian spaghetti for lunch today. I could not wait to sample their cooking!

Pending their arrival, I decided to do some vegetarian baking today. To be more precise, I did vegan baking. Although Hamtaro's family is vegetarian and not vegan, there are some types of food that vegetarians eat which they choose not to eat, such as eggs, etc. As such, I decided to "play it safe" and omit eggs in the baking today. I was not sure whether they consume margarine and as such, I added vegetable oil instead of margarine.

What type of cake and what type of muffin did I bake today? Make a guess!

When Hamtaro, Eddy and Eddie arrived, they brought a packet of spaghetti noodles, two cans of Campbell mushroom soup and several vegetarian burgers.

While Hamtaro and I chatted, the boys busied themselves in my kitchen. A short while later, lunch was served. It was delicious, guys! I cannot wait to try your spaghetti in tomato base.

So what did I bake? I baked a vegan apple cake. Notwithstanding the lack of butter and eggs, I found the cake moist and delicious. It was not overly sweet either. This recipe is a keeper!

I also baked vegan banana muffins. Hamtaro and I found the muffins sweet and as such, I will have to modify the recipe.

After their hard work in the kitchen, Eddy and Eddie relaxed by watching the football channels on our cable television.

When Da came home from work, I gave him a vegan banana muffin to try.

For our dinner, Da had bought some sushi from Amara Shopping Centre.

Hi Hamtaro, Eddy and Eddie, I enjoyed your company today! Let's do this again.


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