Tuesday, November 24, 2009

No more excuses

God has offered a perfect offering for us - His Son, Jesus Christ. This offering avails for you and for me. I am under the covenant of grace (unmerited favour). It is all done! It is His sacrifice that avails today. Whatever our need is, God has provided for it at the Cross. Our miracle is sure. Jesus is the perfect offering for me.

I am called in Christ. I want to live a life that is filled with purpose.

All of us have faced opposition in our lives. Do not live by our excuses. Let us be as passionate as we once were. If we have our eyes on Jesus, we will have the strength to be all that God has called us to be. God can use the weakest, smallest and the least to fulfil His purpose.

What are common excuses that we all give?
(a) commitment to property or investment
(b) commitment to vocation, education, business or career
(c) commitment to relationship, marriage or family

Do not find any more excuses. Pick up your bow and shoot!

There is only one degree between sin and excuses. Sin is "missing the mark". Excuse is a reason to miss the mark. Do not let excuses make us more contrary to God's plan and purpose for our lives. I want to live my life according to the promises of an Almighty God in Jesus' name.

Excuses cause us to turn back. We are armed with God's Word. We are armed by the power of God's spirit. We are armed by the people God puts in our lives. We are armed and carrying bows. When we live by excuses, it will cause us to turn back when challenges come. Step up and step into all that God has for us.

Keep shooting till we win the victory. Excuses cause us to turn back in the heat of a battle. God is faithful and true to His Word. Do not start looking at the reasons to draw back. One person's excuse is another person's opportunity.

Possessions, with the right perspective, can bring blessings to us and those around us. Let us use our things to reach beyond themselves and be a blessing to other people. We can allow things to become the reason "why yes". Do not reap all the way to the edges so that there is nothing left to be a blessing except to ourselves. Put God first in our lives but also live our lives with room on the edges so that it becomes a foundation for us to lead our lives to be a blessing to others. Allow the Word of God working in our lives to be an opportunity for us to be a blessing to others.

We have a profession, a business, a career and/or a natural skill - let it be a great opportunity for us to serve the Lord. Do not let it become a reason "why not". Let it be a platform that God can use. Whatever we have in our hand is our God-given ministry. Our business is our ministry. Our career is our ministry. Our life is about purposes that go beyond ourselves. Let our lives be a blessing to others. Whatever God has put in our hand, let it be an opportunity to bless others.

We are armed and carrying bows. Let us not turn back nor find excuses. Let us live our lives to the glory of God. Whatever we have in our hands can be used for the kingdom of God.

Family is a God-given gift. We can make family an excuse or a God-given opportunity. Let us take our family with us on our journey in our commitment to the Lord. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Let our family's lives be in a single direction and purpose.

We put the kingdom of God first. We keep shooting and we will win the victory. We never come second by putting God first.

Striving will never produce the purpose of God. It comes from resting and trusting in God. Pick up our bow and keep shooting. The best is yet to come, in the name of Jesus. God has a victory around the corner for us, in Jesus' name. Keep holding onto God's promises.

We are armed with the favour of God. Lord, I put you first in every area of my life and I know that I will always see miracles happen. Amen.

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