Thursday, November 26, 2009

The godchildren

As it is currently the school holidays, our godchildren came to our home for a visit today.

When they arrived, I gave them some ang ku kueh to eat. ST asked me which one contained peanuts as the filling as she preferred these to those with bean filling.

I also gave them some Bengawan Solo kueh kueh to eat. GT selected the "9 layer kueh".

All three godchildren had previously come to our home for a baking session. Although there was no baking session planned for today, I asked them whether they would like to do some baking today. DT and ST agreed whereas GT decided to take a raincheck.

DT and ST started by preparing the batter for a moist apple cake.

ST wanted to grease and flour the cake pan by herself.

After DT prepared the cake batter, ST transferred the batter from the mixing bowl to the cake pan.

Ta-da! Moist apple cake, fresh from the oven.

DT and ST also baked banana muffins.

Would you believe that a primary 1 girl and a primary 3 boy baked the moist apple cake and banana muffins from scratch? A child should be taught that what one starts, one also finishes. With guidance (instead of tight hand-holding), every child has the potential to fly and develop to his/her fullest ability.

As everyone was hungry by then, we decided to take a break and order home delivery pizza from Canadian 2-4-1 pizza. ST ordered the Hawaiian Classic.

DT ordered the Meatlovers. I was amused when he remarked, "I am a meat-lover and I do not eat vegetables.".

Knowing that the children like hash browns, I also baked some hash browns for them to eat.

GT was very camera-shy today.

After lunch, DT and ST sliced the moist apple cake.

What is the secret to the moistness in the cake? Aha... the recipe will be posted in my recipe blog.

In the late evening, FIL and MIL came to our home. They had brought some dinner and wanted to have dinner with us.

FIL and MIL ate nasi lemak.

Da and I ate hakka yong tau hu.

This hakka yong tau hu shop only offers one type of noodles - the thick bee hoon.

MIL was feeling peckish and she also ordered some chee cheong fun with prawns to be shared.

MIL saw the balance leftover pizza and hash brown in our refrigerator and she requested me to warm up some of the pizza and the hash brown to be shared.

Dessert was very sweet mango. The baker in me was thinking that it was such a waste to eat the mango fresh - I could have used the mango to bake mango cake, mango cookies, mango bread.... sigh....


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